God of War Dragon Locations - Dangerous Skies Trophy

God of War dragon locations are scattered across Midgard and the Lake of Nine, so you have to do some exploring to find and reach them in different parts of the story. Once you find and free three dragons: Otr, Fanfir, and Reginn you’ll unlock Dangerous Skies trophy. Since it’s a little tricky to find them all we’ve put together this guide on Dragon locations in God of War.

God of War How to Find & Free Dragons - Dangerous Skies Trophy
God of War How to Find & Free Dragons – Dangerous Skies Trophy

First Dragon Favor Location – Where to Find & How to Free Otr?

The first dragon that you can release is Otr. He is imprisoned in east Midgard, in the area called Veithurgard. You can reach the area via boat from the Lake of Nine towards the east, after opening the large doors. You’ll know that your in Veithurgard when you land in another large lake, with a large statue of Thor in the center. Sail straight south from the statue until you find the place where you can dock your boat.

There will be quite a bit of enemies, and some other side activities that you can do there. To reach the dragon, you’ll have to climb the stairs while dodging the dragon’s breath. Once you get up there, you’ll notice that the dragon Otr is bound to an altar of sorts by three runes. To free Otr, you have to destroy three shrines adorned with a glowing blue rune. These three shrines are scattered around the region.

The first shrine is fairly near. With your back to the altar, head right. You’ll notice two paths here – one to the right, leading to some stairs, and one leading left, along the edge of a cliff. Follow the path on the left, and you’ll reach the first shrine. you’ll know you’re at the right spot when you see a draugr praying in front. Kill all the enemies and smash the shrine. Make sure to destroy them completely. That’s one rune down.

The second shrine is even closer to the dragon Otr. With your back to the altar, head left this time, and climb up the little edge there. A few paces away from there, you’ll find yet another draugr praying at the shrine. Clear the area and destroy the shrine. Two down, one to go.

The third shrine is a bit more of a problem. First up, head in the direction of where you found the first shrine, but turn right and cross the small wooden bridge. Drop down the cliff on the left of the bridge, and follow the path until you find a large circle of menhirs. Kill the draugr, head up the stone stairs, and head right. At the end of that short path, there’s another drop on the left, so head that way. Hop across the platforms to the other side. Open the large door by rotating the contraptions to the correct runes (T and R on the left, and what looks like n and F on the right). Investigate the halls of the dwarves, and you’ll eventually run across the third shrine you have to destroy. From there, head through the rest of the ruins, and go back to Otr to release the dragon. You will have to face a troll on the way, so be careful.

Flight of Fafnir God of War Favor – How to Free Second Dragon?

Head to the northeast corner of the lake of Nine, towards the Alfheim Tower, marked by the sowilo rune (looks like a weird, angular E). You’ll need the power of electric arrows to explode the crystals to clear the way to climb the cliff there. Climb up and follow the path until you reach a huge door. Just behind it, you’ll discover another dragon you need to free: Fafnir. Like with Otr, you have to destroy three shrines to release Fafnir.

To find the first shrine, drop down to where the altar holding Fafnir captive is, and into a cavern on the left. A few steps in that direction, and you’ll run into the first shrine. Destroy it and the draugr. Nice and easy.

first fafnir shrine location

To find the second shrine, head right across the room where the altar is, right across from the cavern where you found the first shrine. Jump across the gap onto the climbable wall. At the top, get ready to dispatch some powerful draugr.

second fafnir shrine location where to find

The last shrine is pretty much directly next to Fafnir. It’s on the level where the altar with the three runes is, in the far left corner, left of Fafnir himself. More draugr and other enemies will pop up. After you dispatch them, approach the altar and release Fafnir.

where to find third fafnir shrine location

Fire of Reginn Favor – Where to Find Third Dragon?

The third dragon, Reginn, is captured in the land of Konunsgard, in Midgard. This is the location of the Motsognir’s stronghold where Brok and Sindri will send you to collect the dwarven armor for the Hail to the King favor. The entrance to Konunsgard is in the northwest corner of the Lake of Nine. You have to reach it by boat, so mark the entrance on the map and follow the compass until you reach the boat dock. Then, follow the path until you reach the Konunsgard area. As you explore the region to the northeast before entering the stronghold itself, you’ll eventually run into Reginn, the third dragon for you to free.

third dragon location where to find reginn dangerous skies trophy

To find the first shrine to destroy, simply walk down the path towards the altar keeping the dragon captured. Hop over the gap, and go a little further to find the first shrine.

first reginn shrine location

A little further down the path from the first shrine, you’ll come across a door locked with three runes. Take the sap, put it near the rune that’s behind the bars. Then, shoot that sap, then the red crystal that’s next to the other bell, and lastly through the axe at the final bell above the door to open your way onward. Follow the path, through the steel bar door and across the bridge that you have to bring down. This will loop you back towards the dragon, but on the higher level. The second shrine is on the end of the path (as well as one of the keys to the stronghold).

To reach the third and final shrine, ride the rope from the previous shrine down to the lower level. Then, turn around towards the dragon, and head down the path leading into a cavern below the dragon. Look up for the burning, exploding pot above the cavern entrance, that’s how you’ll know you’re going the right way. The cavern is pretty shallow, and you’ll find the shrine easily. After you destroy it, head back to the altar to release the dragon. This will earn you an epic enchantment, and you’ll earn the Dangerous Skies trophy.

third reginn shrine location
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