God of War Alfheim puzzle - root blocked gate in Light Elf Sanctuary solution

God of War Alfheim puzzles can be very difficult to solve sometimes. On your journey throughout this area you’ll come across, Spoils of War artifacts, Idunns apple chest, Nornir Rune Chest, and other surprises. In order to reach all these rewards you’ll have to solve several puzzles. Some of them can be very tricky to solve and take a bit of work. I found one to be particularly hard. It requires you to use both problem solving skills and reflexes. There’s this gate blocked by some red roots in the Light Elf Sanctuary area of Alfheim that I just couldn’t open. After finally managing to solve the puzzle I decided to write this guide. I hope it will help you go through root blocked gate in Light Elf Sanctuary.

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How to pass through the door with roots

Once you reach Light Elf Sanctuary area you’ll get attacked by enemies straight away. Once you dispose of them you will see a gate and a triangular crank you can interact with. This is important because this teaches you the gate stays up for just a few seconds. You have to run past it before it drops down. In the new area there’s an Idunn apple puzzle to the left.

To the right you’ll see another gate, but with some red roots blocking it. There is another red root behind the gate and higher up in the air. As you’ve learned by now you need to destroy both red root hearths at the same time to unblock the passage.

In order to destroy the roots and go through the gate you can use one of the following tactics:

#1 – Throw the axe and destroy the first, closer, root node. Once the root regenerates, turn the triangular crank and activate the gate (press circle). The moment you recall your axe, the node will break again, and the gate will open. Quickly throw the axe towards the other root node, and your way through the gate will be open.

#2 Activate the triangular door lever by pressing circle first . Then, throw your axe through the closer root node, and immediately recall the axe. At this moment keep moving towards the gate that opens. Once the gate rises, quickly throw the axe through the upper root node and destroy it.

Don’t be disappointed if you can’t solve this puzzle quickly. You’ll need a few tries before you free the way toward what lies ahead. I used the second method successfully and it took several tries to master it.
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  1. R

    I’m doing it way faster than on your clip and the nodes just keep regenerating. Not connected to internet – wondering if it requires update. Any other unconnected people having same issue? Spent over an hour on this and trust me I’ve nailed some super fast efforts

    1. K

      Same thing is happening for me and it’s pissing me off! I don’t think I could possibly do it any faster

    2. T

      Im having the same issue no matter how fast i do it the roots just keep coming back i am doing it axactly like the videos show and no luck. Help

  2. W

    Having same issue. Not updated game yet. Youtube shows exactly as this description, but not working with me.

  3. C
    Christina Wong

    I’ve done this a million times even checked for updates for the console and still cant get the root to die

  4. B
    Brad johnson

    Worked perfectly and I closed the rift behind it. This door was irritating though

  5. K

    You have to make sure the axe catches in the root behind the pink ball, so get up pretty close to it to throw it initially, then back up, turn the triangle, recall the axe, aim and throw for the higher pink ball, and sprint thru.

  6. F

    Hey guys I got stuck on this for a week, and eventually decided to leave it alone. And after I did the update cutting both nodes clears the path. So just make sure to update your game, and you will be set.

  7. T
    Thomas Taylor

    I have tried everything on this stupid gate i even updated the system and it still wont kill the roots this is beyond frustrating please help

  8. C

    The trick is to hit all the nodes on the same vine at once

  9. D
    Durwood Whitman

    I didn’t update but once I connected to the internet it worked.

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