God of War Alfheim Puzzle Remove Red Vines & Break Into The Hive

God of War Alfheim region has several puzzles, but one during the main quest that wants you to break into the hive had me baffled. It is at the red vines point that I had trouble. Red vines are a type of puzzle challenge in God of War. They’re always part of a puzzle in which you have to shoot several hearts hanging off them in quick succession, in order to clear the obstacle. During Break into the Hive step of the main story you’ll have to clear a field of nine red vine hearts in order to open your way. It can be a bit of a problem, especially if you aren’t used to this kind of challenge. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to break into the hive in Alfheim and which red vines to remove.

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How to Remove Red Vines and Break Into The Hive?

Once you reach the plateau with the vines by climbing the ramp, you might end up overwhelmed. The puzzle is actually quite easy when you discover the pattern. There are nine vertical vines, and three horizontal. When you shoot any one of them, it’ll grow back quickly. The trick is to shoot three at the same time, but not any three.

You have to shoot the hearts of three vertical vines growing from the same horizontal one. That way, they won’t grow back. When you do this three times, the challenge will be over. First, head to the heart in the wall, then turn around. You’ll end up standing between the wall and the first three. Once you’ve shot them, go to where the farthest one was and turn ninety degrees left. You’ll then be aligned with the second trio. The final one is comprised of the two verticals and the one in the wall.

It can be a bit overwhelming – everything’s red, and the mist isn’t making things any easier. Remember – you just have to shoot the ones growing from the same horizontal vine with the same axe throw.


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