God of War Shock Arrows - How to Get & Use

Shock arrows are a weapon you get in God of War. It’s extremely useful in combat, and essential to solving some puzzles. However, shock arrows in God of War aren’t immediately available, you have to unlock them. Many players have been wondering how to get shock arrows in God of War, and we’re here to help you. Plus, we’re going to show you how to use God of War shock arrows, in case you’ve been having trouble figuring it out.

God of War Shock Arrows - How to Get & Use
God of War Shock Arrows – How to Get & Use

How to Get Shock Arrows in God of War?

To get the shock arrows in God of War, you have to fight and defeat the dragon Hraezlyr. The dragon is a story boss, so you can’t miss it. Just keep pushing through the story until you battle Hraezlyr. You’ll have the first taste of the battle as you ride the elevator up from the mines to the top of The Mountain. After that encounter, when you exit the cavern, you’ll find Hraezlyr attacking Sindri.

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Once you defeat Hraezlyr for good, a cutscene will play where Sindri thanks you for saving his hide. He instructs Kratos to hack out one of the dragon’s teeth. Go back to Sindri with the tooth, and he’ll sprinkle some magic dust on it. Kratos will then move the magic tooth across Atreus’s bowstring, and voila, you now have shock arrows!

How to Use Shock Arrows in God of War?

Shock Arrows in God of War are used to clear out the red, fleshy growths that have been blocking your way. The game basically taught you that as you approached the fight with the dragon. Plus, when you acquire the shock arrows, you immediately get to use them to clear out your path. This is how it works: hitting the red Shatter Crystals with a shock arrow causes them to explode. So, to clear out the red stuff, you have to hit the Shatter Crystal.

However, not all growths have a Shatter Crystal immediately attached to them. To solve this, you have to find a tree stump where the Shatter Crystals appear. Take a piece, go back to the growth you’re trying to destroy, and throw the crystal at them. The crystal will stick to any surface you chuck it at. Then, aim a shock arrow at the crystal and fire.

Apart from solving puzzles, the shock arrows come extremely handy in combat. The shock they deliver can travel from enemy to enemy, and it causes some pretty significant damage and stun the more you level up the shock arrow skills. I greatly recommend investing in them.

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  1. K
    Kasey Moede

    Hi. I accidentally shot the arrows without hitting the blue crystal targets. Now I’m in a lull in the game. How do I progress without them and/or get more?

    1. J

      Not sure I follow. You can’t run out of arrows light or shock arrows.

    2. K
      King Kronick

      Closest you can get to additional arrows is a max of 4 with Talon Bow upgrades. They recharge pretty quickly and with skill upgrades you can still get a forth arrow to shoot in a row even when you only carry three. Due to one arrow recharging in the time it takes to shoot the other two. So, essentially, if you upgrade to four arrows and increase recharge time; you can almost spam arrows of any kind.

      1. K

        SOS…i can’t find dragon Hraezlyr

  2. N

    I’m stuck where I’m heading back to the witch, (after defeating the dragon) but I can’t figure out why the arrows are not exploding in the witch cave, so I can’t go up the lift? Please help

    1. L
      Lon Totten

      Same here. The shock arrows worked only once to get into the cave entrance after the dragon tooth upgrade but after that they don’t break the red crystals. I’m wondering if the game is glitched and I can’t go back past the last check point. Cant get the lift to release to reach the top and I can’t open the treasure chests locked in red. This is VERY frustrating.

      Is there something that needs to be down to the bowstring each time? I show the dragons tooth in my resources file but no button I press makes it do anything.

    2. L
      Lon Totten

      You push the up up button on the right side of the controller to switch arrow types. Blue symbol indicates normal arrows and yellow means he shoots shock arrows

      1. A
        Ammar Akouri


        1. N
          nijil eshaque

          You are the GOAT

  3. J

    so i headed up the mountain, got past the black breath, got inside the mouth on the face of the mountain, now im at the deer human statue thing, and there is a ”sap” wall, but im not sure where you get the arrows to take it out?
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  4. L

    New to god of war at moment just wandering about cant find any new places just rowing my boat back an forth heard i need shock arrows so i can ride the lift in witches cave an to unlock chests been everywhere killed everyone but cant find them just need massive help

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