God of War How to Solve River Pass Spiked Ceiling Puzzle

Spiked Ceiling in River Pass is one of the puzzles in God of War. It requires you to open a door with your axe while spikes come down from the ceiling. The River Pass Spiked Ceiling puzzle isn’t too hard to solve. It can be a problem because you’re still learning the mechanics of God of War. So, to help you out, here’s how to get through the God of War River Pass Spiked Ceiling puzzle.

God of War How to Solve River Pass Spiked Ceiling Puzzle
God of War How to Solve River Pass Spiked Ceiling Puzzle

How to Solve Spiked Ceiling Puzzle in God of War River Pass?

To Solve the River Pas Spiked Ceiling puzzle in God of War, you simply have to rotate the panels by flinging the Leviathan Axe, and then using it again to freeze the mechanisms. The only thing here is that you have to keep your cool, because the spikes are coming down on you. Another drawback is that, at this point, you’re still kinda getting the hang of things. The solution is fairly simple, though; if you’re good at throwing the axe, you don’t even have to expose yourself to any danger from the spikes. In this room, there’s also a Horn of Blood Mead runic chest that you can open.

If you’ve made it this far, then the game has already taught you that you can open certain doors by throwing the Leviathan Axe in the top right corner, where the wood is already full of cuts. However, some doors need three hits to open. This is important to remember. As you walk into the room where the spiked ceiling is, throw the axe at the panel on the left several times to raise the spikes, preferably all the way. Then, throw the axe at the ornate gear below the panel to freeze the spikes in place. Do not call the axe back. Hop over to the now accessible plateau and clear out the enemies using your fists. You will have to jump back to where you were to rescue Atreus at one point.

After you clear out all the enemies, hop back to the platform where the first panel and your axe are. Observe the far side of the room, and you’ll notice the patch of cut wood where you have to throw the axe to open the spiked door. It will require three hits. Aim just above the area where you have to throw the axe, call it back, and fling it at the door. The spikes will start to descend, so use the panel on the far right to bring them back up as necessary. You might need a bit of practice, so be patient. After you hit the door three times, it will be wide open. Raise the spikes one more time, and use the axe to jam the mechanism again. Then, cross the plateau to safety.

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