God of War More Than Myth Labor - All Jotnar Shrine Locations

More than Myth is a labor (side quest) you can complete in God of War, It requires you to find all the Jotnar Shrine locations in God of War. This unlock God of War The Truth trophy. The Jotnar Shrines are strewn all across the game, mostly in Midgard. Some of them are far off the beaten path. So, here’s our guide on all Jontar Shrine locations in God of War.

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God of War More Than Myth Labor - All Jotun Shrine Locations
God of War More Than Myth Labor – All Jotnar Shrine Locations

Where to Find All Giant Shrine Locations in God of War More Than Myth Side Quest

The first shrine is in the ruins in the Wildwoods in Midgard. There’s a gate in there that you can open by throwing the axe at a pulley and bringing down an exploding pot to destroy the rocks blocking it. Once you exit the short corridor, turn right, then right again and up the stairs. Break the wooden barrier and approach the shrine and hit Circle to interact and learn about Skoll and Hati.

first jotnar shrine location god of war more than myth labor

The second Jotnar shrine is in The River Pass region in Midgard. While exploring the area, you’ll come across a wooden bridge where you have to bring down the two halves. Turn around from there, and you’ll notice an animal skull on a stick there. When you approach the skull, turn right, and you’ll see a climbable ledge with large columns with green and red ivy in the distance. Clear out the draugr in the area and head left to the shrine. This one is about Skadi.

god of war second jotnar shrine more than myth

To find the third Jotnar shrine, go to the Veithurgard region of Midgard, south of the large statue of Thor in the lake. This is where you can free the dragon Otr for the Dangerous Skies trophy. Open the huge door by solving the rune puzzle. Head inside, and the shrine about Hrungnir will be right there as you climb the first set of stairs. Beware the draugr.

third jotnar shrine more than myth labor god of war

When you visit the Temple of Tyr in Midgard, you should walk across the bridge and through the huge doors. You’ll find draugr there, and some runes Atreus initially won’t be able to read. On the right is poison gas, and the jotnar shrine about the World Serpent Jormungandr is on the left, behind some wooden planks.

world serpent jotnar shrine god of war more than myth

Our next stop is Alfheim, and the Jotnar shrine about Groa. Just play through the main story part until you restore the light to Alfheim and the custcene where the Light Elves float by you. A bridge of light will be in front of you. Before crossing the bridge, turn left and go down the stairs to discover a shrine and Sindri’s shop.

alfheim jotnar shrine location god of war

As you explore the mines while trying to reach the summit in The Mountain area of Midgard, you’ll come across the Jotnar shrine about Ymir. During your exploration, you’ll come across a chest locked with runes, and bridges that you have to bring down by using the red sap to explode the vines. Pick up the red sap crystal and walk a bit back to the doorway blocked with the red vines. Explode them, and approach the shrine. Extra tip: one of the runes for the chest is in there, too.

the mountain jotnar shrine location god of war more than myth

The next destination is Muspelheim. You can only access it if you’ve found all Muspelheim Cyphers. Once you get into the Realm of Fire, cross the bridge from the Temple of Tyr. You’ll walk into a small cave. When you exit the cave, you’ll walk onto a small plateau. Here, you’ll find a shop and a Mystic Gate, and the Jotnar Shrine about Surtr on the far left.

muspelheim jotnar shrine locationn where to find more than myth labor god of war

The Jotnar shrine about Thrym is near the Lake of Nine, in the Lookout Tower area in the south. It becomes available after Mimir talks with the World Serpent. Climb up the cliff until you come across a rope that you can zipline across using the Leviathan Axe. At the end of the rope are some enemies and the shrine.

lookout tower jotnar shrine location god of war

Once you get the Magic Chisel, you’ll be able to open the Hidden Chambers scattered around the world. Go back to the entrance to the Thamur’s Corpse area in Midgard, where you rotated a gigantic red jewel to open the way forward. On the left, there’s the door to a hidden chamber. Open it up, and head left to find the Jotnar Shrine about Thamur.

thamurs corpse god of war jotnar shrine where to find

The shrine to Starkadr is in Konunsgard. When you open the doors to Konunsgard after finding the necessary keys (and maybe freeing the dragon), walk up the first set of stairs and turn right. You’ll spot the shrine in the small side room.

where to find jotnar shrines god of war more than myth

The final shrine you can find is about Bergelmir, and it’s very hard to miss. As you’re exploring Tyr’s Vault in Midgard in the Shores of Nine region late in the main story part, you’ll come across to gigantic golden statues. The floor will go down, and you’ll be in a large room with doors on both sides. The Jotnar shrine is between them.

tyrs vault jotnar shrine more than myth labor god of war
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