God of War Best Talismans & Charms - Infinite Storms, Cursed Power

Talismans are part of Kratos’ equipment in God of War. You can only wear one of them at a time, so you’ll have to choose carefully. These charms will boost your stats, give you special abilities, improve your survivability or make you a better fighter. There are dozens of them, but only a handful are worth wearing in the long run. If you’re having doubts about which amulet to wear, keep reading our God of War best talismans & charms guide.

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god of war best talismans charms
God of War Best Talismans & Charms – Infinite Storms, Cursed Power

Best starting talisman – Golden Talisman of Protection

The Golden Talisman of protection is the best early talisman we’ve used. We only swapped it for something near the end of the game – that’s how good it is. When activated after being hit, you’ll recover faster. More importantly, it has a passive effect which increases your defence when blocking with the shield, and gives you a longer window to parries. We found it in a golden chest at Stone Falls, a dock in the northeastern corner of the Lake of Nine. It was in a small room near the plateau with the crank that opens the golden gate.

Talisman of the Realms

The Talisman of The Realms allows you to summon a Realm Shift, which slows down all nearby enemies for a while. Upgrading it will increase the duration of the effect. We got it by defeating the Valkyrie Kara, in the Hidden Chamber of Odin. That’s that one you can access from the Witch’s Cave, by following the path left from the bridge.

Charm of Infinite Storms

The Charm of Infinite Storms conjures up a storm on activation, which increases Kratos’ damage resistance, stop enemies from interrupting his attacks and does frost damage to them. We found it in a golden chest in Helheim. After breaking the red barrier on the other side of the bridge near the entrance, go down the chain on the left. Turn left and go into the cave behind the other red barrier. That’s where you’ll find the chest.

Talisman of Cursed Power

The Talisman of Cursed Power can unleash a cloud of cursed mist, the kind you’ve seen in Niflheim, which will lower the stats of all enemies in the vicinity. We got ours in Niflheim, quite fittingly, after closing one of the realm tears there (it was the second one).

Aegir’s Protection

Aegir’s Protection is an epic talisman that creates an aura around Kratos when activated, making him take less damage and prevents enemies from interrupting his attacks. You can upgrade it to make it restore health as well. We got if from a mini-boss in the Landsuther Mines, while visiting the place during the main story.

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