God of War Gets New CG Cinematic "Arrow Trailer"

The new cinematic trailer for God of War is out. That being the case, it obviously doesn’t feature any actual in-game footage, but it captures the game’s feel perfectly. It features a fatherly voiceover from Kratos, and shows Atreus slowly growing as a warrior.

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God of War Gets New CG Cinematic "Arrow Trailer"
God of War Gets New CG Cinematic “Arrow Trailer”

God of War got another cinematic trailer. It is as epic and action-heavy as you’d expect from the game. Kratos’s narration is him talking to Atreus, explaining why they fight. They are fighting so that they would fulfill the promise they’ve made to Atreus’s mother. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see where this journey will take them in the end. Interestingly, the trailer’s name is “Arrow Trailer” on the PlayStation Europe channel. On the US channel, the name is simply “Full TV Commercial”. In other words, you can look forward to seeing this trailer on TV soon.

One thing that’s quite eye-catching about the trailer is the focus on Atreus’s arrows and his archery. He is ostensibly the protagonist of the video. It starts off with Atreus just missing a huge deer. Then, a wolf knocks the bow out of his hands. By the end of the video, he’s mass-electrocuting the Draugr and shooting ogres in the arm, allowing Kratos a window of opportunity. The trailer basically follows Atreus’s journey from a helpless child to a warrior. Which makes me think: who is the real protagonist here? Who’s journey are we really following? It’s starting to seem more and more like the movie “Logan”. Either way, I can’t wait to find out.

The new God of War game will launch on April 20th, 2018. As all God of War games, it will be a PlayStation exclusive, meaning that only PlayStation 4 owners will be in on the fun. You can check out the “Arrow Trailer” below.

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