Sea of Thieves Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items - Black Dog Pack

Black Dog pack is a set of preorder bonus items in Sea of Thieves. They’re awarded to players who’ve bought the game before release, as a sign of thanks from the developers. You won’t receive them automatically when you start the game for the first time, which is causing a lot of confusion. Players are complaining on reddit, the official forums and other channels of communication. Some of the issues at hand can be solved easily, while others are a bit more grave. This guide will show you where to find preorder bonus items in Sea of Thieves.

sea of thieves preorder bonus items
Sea of Thieves Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items – Black Dog Pack

Where to find Black Dog pack in Sea of Thieves?

The Black Dog Pack will be downloaded automatically when you install the game. You won’t have to manually install it or look for it in the store. However, you will have to find the items in the game – they won’t appear in your character’s inventory by themselves.

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What you need to do is head to the first outpost and check out all the merchants. One of them will be in charge of bonus items, and he’ll give you the Black Dog items after you talk to him. We haven’t been able to check it out ourselves, but one of the developers said as much on the official forums. All you need to do is talk to every trader you find in any outpost, and you’ll find the one you’re looking for.

If you’ve preordered after January 26th, you probably don’t have the DLC. The developers are aware of this issue, and they have started sending out codes to everyone affected, via Xbox Live messages. Sit tight, and you’ll get your bonus soon enough.

The Black Dog pack contains an outfit (all black, as you’d expect from the name), some musical instruments, and a unique weapon called the Black Dog cutlass. They’re not essential, and won’t break the game, but they will give you a unique look. Obviously, if you’re playing on Xbox, you’ll also need the Xbox Live Gold subscription, as this is an online-only game.

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  1. G
    Gage Poulos

    So I’m unsure as to which outpost to go to in order to find the outfit. Also, the game was released today but before its actually release i pre-ordered today. Is it possible that because I pre ordered today I don’t have it?

    1. S

      U Can go to any Outpost and talk to all the merchants (there’s only three) , one of them will give you the items

  2. P

    For those who are checking this guide and cant for the life of them, find that goddamn vendor :
    If you preordered after the 26th of january, there was a bit of a fuck-up with your preorder, these are the steps you should do to retreive your loot :
    1. Login to your xbox live app (or xbox on pc)
    2. Click on messages
    3. Select the “thanks for preordering SoT” message
    4. Redeem code
    5. Now follow the Gosunoob guide

    1. D

      Hey, just wanted to say I preordered the game last night but I haven’t received any “Thanks for preordering SoT” message on my Xbox account

      1. P

        Are you an xbox or pc player?
        On PC you have to download the xbox app in the store, then check your messages.
        If you did that but did not receive the message still, i wouldn’t worry to much, as it is rolling in waves (confirmed on twitter).
        You can open a ticket i guess to inquire about it, but if you paid the preorder price, i’m sure it will show soon.

      2. M

        The support on the website says that people who pre-ordered the 16th-20th of March will have to wait up to 3 day, if you dont have it by then, contact support. Anyone else who ordered after the 26th of January I believe will have to wait up to 24 hours from launch.

    2. Z

      i’ve an xbox app in my startmenu. the other way is press win+g to opnen my xbox overlay. so will the message only show up when ive downloaded a special xboxapp???

    3. U

      I got my code, and i activated it. but after many relogs, and many outposts searched i still cant find it. and it is starting to get frustrating.

      1. O

        Same for me here

      2. A

        golden sands bar!

  3. theres a stranger in golden sands in the bar try him it might be

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