New God of War will feature changes in major mechanics of the game

It has been quite some time since the new God of War game was announced, way back at E3 2016, with an extended trailer in 2017. Still, gamers are impatient as always to learn more about one of the biggest changes in the representation of both the character and the story in a franchise of this magnitude.

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Did we mention how much we want to talk to this guy?

As you are probably aware, Kratos has moved far north from his origins in Greece and is about to start some mischief with the ol’ Norse Gods. Oh, and he has a son now, by the name of Atreus. We have seen him earlier in the trailers, but the question of whether he really was Kratos’ son or not hung in the air. The player will be faced with decisions regarding both Kratos and Atreus during the game, and most of them will be “parent-like”.

But that is not the biggest difference to the earlier games. The classic upgrade mechanic of having a specific menu where you would select what you want to upgrade seems to be gone as well. The developers are looking for a more “natural” way to implement it into the game and they have decided to go with Brokk and Sydri. The dwarven brothers, also responsible for Thor’s hammer, according to mythology, will “tie into the overarching theme” and “help you upgrade as well as develop your combat perspective for the two main characters”. By interacting with these two characters, players will also learn about the world and the story.

There might still be some die-hard fans of the original God of War trilogy who are not too keen on the direction the new game is taking, but they are probably in the minority. The gaming world has grown, especially in story telling, since the last God of War came out and this is a step in the right direction.