God of War Dead & Bloated Treasure Map Location

Dead & Bloated is a treasure map in God of War. As with all the others, you can find it on a scroll with a drawing a few sentences of text. Both the image and the words will guide you to place where you’ll find some treasure, but they’re not always easy to decipher. If you’re having trouble with God of War Dead & Bloated treasure map location or solution, you’ve come to the right place.

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god of war dead and bloated treasure map
God of War Dead & Bloated Treasure Map Location

Where to find Dead & Bloated treasure map?

The parchment with the Dead & Bloated puzzle is hidden in Volunder Mines, on the southeastern shore of the Lake of Nine. Once you’re inside, look for a ruined wooden bridge leading up to a door locked with runes. Descend the cliff before the bridge, and you’ll find the scroll near the big, wooden wheel, before the path takes a turn under the bridge.

Dead & Bloated treasure map puzzle solution

Description: The troll who killed my kin is slain, but the battle has taken its toll. I’ve buried whatever I have left near his corpse. Ingrid and I used to frequent this beach to watch the sun rise over the temple.

You’ll find the troll’s giant corpse on a beach at the Cliffs of The Raven boat dock. It’s the one between the mines and the lake. Make sure you talk to the wayward spirit while you’re there, and complete his favour (quest).

The oblivion stone is the real prize here. It allows you to enchant your pommel with a life leeching effect, and this is the only way to get one. You’ll also get a random enchantment (ours was and Etched Crest of Courage), five bars of soft svartalfheim and six thousand pieces of hacksilver (more if you have high luck).