God of War The Seasons Puzzle in Magic Chisel Quest - How to Solve

The Seasons puzzle is a riddle that you’ll encounter on the Magic Chisel main story quest in God of War; specifically, in the “Find a way to the hammer’s head” segment. The puzzle requires you to put the symbols of seasons into the correct order, which Atreus tells you. There is a catch, however. There’s an integral piece of the puzzle that might be easy to overlook. It can be easy to get stuck. So, we’re going to show you how to solve the seasons puzzle in God of War in the Magic Chisel quest.

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God of War The Seasons Puzzle in Magic Chisel Quest - How to Solve
God of War The Seasons Puzzle in Magic Chisel Quest – How to Solve

How to Complete Seasons Puzzle in God of War Magic Chisel Journey Quest?

The solution of the Seasons puzzle in the Magic Chisel quest hinges on a single line of dialogue that, if you happen to miss, you’ll never figure out how to complete the riddle. The mechanics of the puzzle are pretty simple. You have to throw the axe at the “shields” beneath the symbols in order to rotate them. Once Atreus reaches the sand bowl, he will tell you about the song that his mother sang to him, which reveals that the sequence of the seasons should be Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. The symbol of winter is the snowflake, spring is the tulip-like flower, summer is the sun, and autumn is the leaf. However, if you line the seasons this way from left to right, it won’t work.

how to solve seasons puzzle in god of war magic chisel quest
Hit the shields with the axe to rotate the symbols

This is because the riddle on the sand bowl itself, which Atreus reads before recounting his mother’s song, is the most important piece of the puzzle. Atreus will recite the song back to you as many times as you need, but the sand bowl riddle is basically a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. It goes: “When time itself is disarrayed / The forward path is retrograde.” That’s the key component to this whole puzzle. The sequence of seasons that Atreus gives you is correct, but you have to put them in the reverse, aka retrograde, order. So, the actual solution of the puzzle is, from left to right: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter. Or, if it’s easier for you: Leaf, Sun, Flower, Snowflake.

magic chisel quest god of war how to complete seasons puzzle
The correct order of seasons

Once you put the seasons in the correct order, hit Square to talk to Atreus, and that will solve the puzzle. Be careful, as your ascent towards the hammer’s head won’t exactly be peaceful. Get ready to tussle.

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