God of War Frozen Flame Locations - How to Upgrade Axe

Frozen flame is an upgrade material in God of War. It is used for enhancing the Leviathan axe, your trusty starting weapon. There’s only a handful of them available in the game, but most players will probably want to get them as soon as possible, so they can increase their strength early on. In this guide, we’re going to show you all God of War Frozen Flame locations, to help you beef up your axe.

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god of war frozen flame locations how to upgrade axe
God of War Frozen Flame Locations – How to Upgrade Axe

Where to find Frozen Flame?

It’s actually pretty straightforward. The game will tell you that they’re generated through mighty battles when you find your first one. This might mean they’ll randomly drop after a tough fight, but we’re pretty certain they’re actually fixed drops from various boss and mini-boss encounters. For example, we got our first frozen flame after the fight with the troll in the Foothills – that’s the one where the beast chomps on your arm in the cutscene.

All the others we’ve found also dropped from enemies that are part of story-focused fights. This leads us to believe you can’t really miss any of the frozen flames in the game. Even if the adrenaline rush stops you from noticing the glowing item on the ground, you’ll still be able to get it. Everything valuable you forget to pick up is teleported to the shop, so you can claim it there at any point.

Finally, after you’ve beaten the game, you’ll unlock the option to buy a frozen flame from the merchants. You’ll need a special item called the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim, which you can exchange for the last frozen flame. You have to visit the merchants to install the upgrades and improve your gear even if you’re not buying materials from them, so it doesn’t make much of a difference.

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