God of War Spoils of War Artefact Locations in Alfheim

Spoils of War are a kind of collectible in God of War. They’re abandoned relics from the conflict between Light and Dark Elves. There are six of them, and you’ll find them scattered around the realm of Alfheim. When you’ve found them all, you’ll be able to sell them to Brock for a pretty penny. In this guide, we’re going to show you all God of War Spoils of War artefact locations.

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god of war spoils of war artefact locations alfheim
God of War Spoils of War Artefact Locations in Alfheim

Where to find Spoils of War elven artefacts in Alfheim?

The first artefact is on the beach in the northwest of the area, the one where you find the boat you use to cross the Lake of Light and get to the temple. It’s on the paved road that leads to the beach.

The second elven artefact is at the Light Elf Sanctuary, in the northeast of Alfheim. When you dock at the beach, head right, use the lever then jump across the chasm and run through the gate. Use the gate on the other side of the room to get onto the balcony with the realm tear, then head right through the tunnel. Cross the root bridge and clear the red growth on the left. You’ll find the collectible next to a corpse.

After you’ve destroyed the red growth and restored the main bridge to the temple, Atreus will try to lead you to the right. Instead, go left and cross the bridge of light. You’ll find the third artefact next to a body by the blocked passage.

Once you’ve reached the temple gates, the game will send you back using the sand bowl elevator. Ride it down, and you’ll find the artecaft in one of the adjacent rooms – the one with the patch of grass in the middle.

As you’re going back through the depths, you’ll enter a large hall with an open roof. The roof will close as soon as you enter. Head left, and shoot the crystal to make the light bridge appear. Cross it, and you’ll end up in a room with several light barriers. Shoot the crystal on the ceiling to make them disappear. Once you’ve defeated the enemies, check the adjacent rooms and you’ll find an artefact in one of them.

The last one is also in the large hall with the closed roof. When you reach the crank, use it to lower the stone bridge. Freeze the cogwheel with the axe, and go into the tunnel that’s now visible. You’ll reach a small room with another crank, and the artefact will be near it.