God of War Strange Ground Symbols Grant Hacksilver

In the endgame of God of War, you can find strange symbols on the ground. It’s a circle, with a smaller circle with four lines inside. Interacting with it in a certain way can net you some extra hacksilver. There may be more to it, but so far, that’s the only reward we know about. So, here’s how to get hacksilver from the circle symbols in God of War.

God of War Strange Ground Symbols Grant Hacksilver
God of War Strange Ground Symbols Grant Hacksilver (image via SkipOneEBR)

How to Get Extra Hacksilver from Ground Symbols in God of War?

To get hacksilver from these mysterious drawings on the ground, you’ll have to first obtain the Ratatoskr Runic Summon at the Elf Outpost in the Lake of Nine. The squirrel summon is pretty useful on its own. If you have Light Arrows equipped, summoning Ratatosk will get you three health stones. With Shock Arrows equipped, you’ll get three rage stones per summon. And choice insults, too, because Ratatoskr has much better things to do than help you.

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However, as Reddit user SkipOneEBR and several others discovered, you can use Ratatoskr on (or next to) the strange symbols that you can find on the ground in the God of War endgame (pictured above). The squirrel will then dig up the standard health-rage stones, plus a bag of hacksilver. It’s not much of a reward, but you can always use a little more hacksilver. There is a catch, though; you can’t use the same symbol more than once in rapid succession. There seems to be some kind of cooldown to the symbols, so that you can’t farm hacksilver too easily.

Now, it could be that the symbols are actually a part of some greater puzzle that has yet to be discovered. As it stands so far, though, it’s a handy way to get your hands on some extra hacksilver. If you need some extra help with the game, feel free to browse our God of War guides.

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