Battlefield V Will Feature Premium Currency, But No Loot Boxes

According to EA, Battlefield V won’t have loot boxes in it. On the other hand, the game will have premium currency, for which you’ll have to give up some real-world money. At least you’ll be able to purchase items you want directly, without having to spin the slot machine.

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Battlefield V Will Feature Premium Currency, But No Loot Boxes
Battlefield V Will Feature Premium Currency, But No Loot Boxes

It seems that international attention and causing actual legislature was what we needed to cull EA, at least somewhat. After the disaster that was Battlefront II, they seem to be rethinking their methods of monetization. As they’ve confirmed to Kotaku, Battlefield V won’t have loot boxes, and, as we’ve already pointed out, it also won’t have a premium pass. It’s a bummer that it had to come to such extreme measures, but what can you do.

All that being said, they couldn’t just leave the game without any microtransactions. So, Battlefield V will have a premium currency, which you’ll buy with real-world money. EA representatives confirmed as much to Polygon. The game will also feature an in-game currency that you’ll have to grind out by playing the game. Presumably, this will act as an alternative to the premium currency. Either way, you’ll only be able to purchase, say it with me now, cosmetic items that won’t affect gameplay. And, it seems that you’ll purchase items you want directly.

Now, there are some problems with this. For one, we can only hope that grinding out the currency and the costs of items won’t be as horrible as it was in Battlefront 2. Yes, the items are just cosmetic, but it still creates the feeling of haves and have-nots. Secondly, EA had a lot of promises for Battlefront II, and we all know what happened there. So, I’d say that gamers should still exercise caution when it comes to EA games. Battlefield V is coming out on October 19th, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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