God of War Trailer Highlights Draugr Enemy from Norse Mythology

The upcoming God of War game got a new trailer. It’s called Lost Pages of Norse Myth: Rise of the Draugr. As the name implies, the video highlights the Draugr enemy; it shows us some concept art of the monsters. In essence, Draugr are the Norse version of zombies. They will be one of many different enemies we’ll fight in the new God of War.

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God of War Trailer Highlights Draugr Enemy from Norse Mythology
God of War Trailer Highlights Draugr Enemy from Norse Mythology

Sony is slowly stating to fan the flames of God of War hype further. If you’ve been paying any attention to the new developments of the series, you’ll know that the new game will take Kratos away from Greece and straight to Scandinavia. Makes sense, considering that there are no gods in Greece left to kill. As a result of the location switch, the god of war and his son will encounter creatures and gods from Norse mythology. Some of the previous trailers have shown Kratos fight trolls, and meet Jormungandr, the Midgard Snake.

The developers seem to want to bank even more heavily on the Norse mythology thing. So, they’ve released a new trailer, called The Lost Pages of Norse Myth: Rise of the Draugr. The video is pretty short. Most of it shows us what seems to be a collage of concept art of the Draugr, set to some pretty epic, yet ominous music. The futhark runes that show up first spell out Draugr, obviously. The second set says hel-blar, meaning death-blue, which is the typical color of the Draugr. The final set of runes says corpse-pale, which really doesn’t need explanation. So, yeah, the Draugr are basically the Norse version of zombies. We’ve seen the Draugr from the new God of War in action, but it’s always cool to me to see stuff from behind the scenes.

God of War (pick a numbering system and stick with it, would ya?) is coming out in early 2018, for the PlayStation 4. So far, every single God of War game has launched in March. I’d say it’s highly likely that the new installment will also come out then.

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