Call of Duty WW2 Beta Errors & Problems - Crashes, Lag, FPS Drops

Call of Duty WW2 open beta is live on PC, and fans are gleefully storming the historical theaters of war across Europe. Some aren’t having too much fun, though, as the beta is plagued by various technical issues, performance problems and bugs. As it usually goes with these things, some of the Call of Duty WW2 beta errors can be fixed by tinkering with the game’s settings or files, while others are more serious, and will require a patch to solve them.

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call of duty ww2 beta errors
Call of Duty WW2 Beta Errors & Problems

COD WW2 FPS drops, lag & performance issues

Since it’s only a beta, poor optimization is par for the course. There are no rules here – even the beastiest of rigs are having issues, and there seems to be no One Solution. Some have reported new drivers helping. Others claim rolling back drivers actually solved the issue. You could also try switching from fullscreen to windowed, or the other way around.

Mouse problems in COD WW2 beta

There are many reports of the mouse feeling really weird, not quite like input lag, but still not right. Long time COD players claim this has always been a problem with the series, and it’s because the sensitivity is tied to framerate. Limit your FPS to 60, and the problem should be gone.

COD WW2 beta crashes & freezes

A lot of players have complained about the beta crashing on startup, right after the splash screen. The developers are aware of the issue, and are looking for a solution. In the meantime, some reported turning off MSI Afterburner helped. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Windows 7 users could try installing a particular OS update (KB2670838). If you’re using an Nvidia card, disable the overlay in GeForce Experience.

Network & connection issues in COD WW2 beta

If you’re having trouble connecting to other players, you should first make sure your NAT type is set to open. You could also manually open ports for the game. If that doesn’t help, go into the game’s settings and disable shader preload.

Error code: 98398 -,B,C,D,E,-,G,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,P,Q

This code seems to represent a networking error. A lot of people have been complaining about it, but there’s no official answer yet. Restarting the router seemed to help some, so you can try that.
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