God of War Turtle's Tribute Treasure Map Solution

Turtle’s Tribute is a treasure map in God of War. It’s a scroll adorned with a few cryptic words and a messy drawing. Both the image and the text are supposed to be hints that will lead you to the prize, but it’s often not as easy as it seems. In this guide, we’re going to show you the God of War Turtle’s Tribute treasure map solution, so you can get the rare materials and enchantments hidden within.

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god of war turtle's tribute treasure map
God of War Turtle’s Tribute Treasure Map Solution

Where to find Turtle’s Tribute treasure map?

You’ll find the scroll in the Witch’s Cave, in River Pass. When you reach the tall wooden bridge, turn right and follow the tunnel. Go to the rune puzzle chest, and turn left. Shoot the crystal to reveal the bridge, then take the red orb. Turn around and you’ll see a doorway blocked by red resin. Use the orb to clear the stuff and go into the room. You’ll find the parchment on the floor on the right, near the chest.

Turtle’s Tribute treasure map riddle solution

Description: Where the leaves are red, and the moss is green, I buried my treasure where the Tortoise doth dream.

In order to find the treasure, you simply need to visit the giant turtle at River Pass (the one with the tree on its back), once the water allows you to. The items are burried next to some rocks, close to the turtle’s left front leg.

Our bounty included an oblivion stone, which can be used to give life-leeching powers to pommels, the Stone of Frost Mastery rare enchantment, some soft svartalfheim steel and a bunch of hacksilver. It’s not much, but it’s one of the simplest treasure maps in the game, so it’s basically free loot. Even if you get a useless rune and don’t want the oblivion stone, you won’t waste much time getting the items for it to matter.