God of War Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map Location

Kneel Before Thor is a treasure map in God of War. It’s a piece of parchment which Kratos can find hidden in a secret room. It contains clues that will point you towards a great treasure, one hidden by an acolyte of the god of thunder. If you can’t find the scroll, or solve the riddle written on it, this guide will help you by telling you everything about the God of War Kneel Before Thor treasure map.

god of war kneel before thor treasure map
God of War Kneel Before Thor Treasure Map Location

Where to find Kneel Before Thor treasure map?

The scroll is in Landsuther Mines. When you enter, go to the platform on the left and use the crank to lower a block of stone. Climb the block and shoot the red orb on the hanging platform. It will fall down and punch a hole in the floor. Go down the hole, all the way to the bottom. When you run into a tiny waterfall, ride the elevator on its left. The scroll will be on the floor of the room you end up in.

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Kneel Before Thor riddle solution

Description: I’ve lived to serve the god of thunder and I bury my greatest treasure right there where all inhabitants of Midgard should dwell: at the feet of the God of gods.

The treasure is next to the giant statue at the south shore of the Lake of Nine, between Muspelheim and Vanaheim towers. To get there, you’ll need to land at the Lookout Tower dock after the water has receeded. Land on the beach, then head left and up the crack – use the rotating pillar to retract the spikes whenever you need to. Climb all the way to the top, then use the zipline to get to the statue. Once you’re there, look for the treasure to the left of the shrine.

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