God of War Where to Find Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items

Preorder bonus items in God of War are rewards for buying the game ahead of release. If you’ve prepurchased, you’re going to get a few shields and an XP boost. If you’ve also bought the deluxe edition, you’re getting some fancy armor pieces as well. A number of players eligible for these items are wondering how to get them once they’re in the game. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find preorder bonus items in God of War.

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god of war where to find preorder bonus items
God of War Where to Find Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items

How to get preorder bonus items in God of War?

If you’ve preordered the game physically at a retailer, you’ll first have to find your code. Depending on the retailer, it can be in one of several places – in the box, on the receipt, or in an email they’ve sent you at launch. Once you have the code, activate it manually, then make sure the game downloads the additional content. If you’ve preordered digitally, just check to see whether the bonus content has been downloaded along with the rest of the game (it will be a separate entry, like a DLC).

Once you’re sure you have everything installed, it’s just a matter of time. Unlike most other games, God of War won’t hand you your stuff right away. There’s no storage chest to check, or anything like it. You just have to wait until you’re at the right time and place, and the items will be automatically added to your inventory. According to reports from players who already go their hands on the preorder bonus items, you’ll receive them at some point around The Mountain. This was probably done so the bonus items don’t affect the game’s balance negatively, making the early hours too easy for those who’ve preordered.

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    I entered pre order code for god of war but I only got the 3 shields and didn’t get the xp bonus?

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