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New God of War game is out and Sony managed to produce another great game. It seems each year they release at least one game that is among the best ranked titles of the year and God of War is no different. With added depth to Kratos, amazing next gen graphics, familiar, yet, renewed combat it is a must buy title for all PS4 owners. We have played through the game up and down and created a massive amount of guides to help you find everything you seek in the game. We have written about Midgard artifacts to help you at the beginning. We explored every treasure map location. Looked into every corner to find upgrade materials.

god of war guides
Everything you need to know about God of War

We have discovered and solved all rune puzzles to help you find locations of Idunn Apples and Horn of Blood Mead. Found ciphers needed to unlock new locations. Solved side quests, killed Valkyres and wrote about too many things to mention. If that isn’t enough you can also read our God of War Review to see if the game is for you. Without further ado here are all the guides that GosuNoob crew prepared for you players to make your life a bit easier when you are stuck.

General Guides

Yggdrasil’s Dew Locations – How To Increase Stats
Best Enchantments – How to Get Better Stats & Abilities
Best Talismans & Charms – Infinite Storms, Cursed Power
God of War Review – Slow Start, Fantastic Ending
Difficulty Settings Explained – Which One to Choose
How to Access Photo Mode
Black Bars & Borders Around Screen, Not Filling TV
God of War Darkness & Fog trophy
How to Check Play Time – How Many Hours Into The Game
How and Where to Change Resurrection Stones

God of War Collectibles

Lost & Found Artefacts – Collectible Toy Locations
Crest of Surtr – How to Get Breath of Thamur & Meteoric Slam
Muspelheim Cipher Piece Locations – Trilingual Trophy
Idunn Apples Locations – How to Solve Rune Puzzles
Horn of Blood Mead Locations – Rune Puzzle Solutions
Niflheim Cipher Locations – How to unlock Trilingual Trophy
Abandon Ship Artefacts – Shiphead Locations
More Than Myth Labor – All Jotnar Shrine Locations
Alfheim God of War Puzzle – Nornir Rune Chest solution
Tyr’s Vault Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution in God of War

God of War Crafting materials

Niflheim Alloy, Aesirbane, Haze Weave Locations
Crest of Surtr – How to Get Breath of Thamur & Meteoric Slam
Smouldering Embers & Greater Crest of Flame Locations

God of War Treasure Map Locations and Puzzle Solutions

Boat Captain’s Key
Hunter’s Kingdom
Last Place They’d Look
Island of Light
Creation Island
Finder’s Fee
Kneel Before Thor
Turtle’s Tribute
Don’t Blink
Njord’s Oarsmen
Dead & Bloated Treasure Map
Historian Treasure Map
How to remove red growth in Alfheim and break into the Hive
Rune Gate Puzzle After Killing Magni Boss – How to Solve
Buri’s Storeroom Rune Door Puzzle Solution
Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution
Alfheim Lake of Light Nornir Rune Chest Bell Puzzle Solution
Helheim Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution
Light Elf Outpost Nornir Rune Chest Puzzle Solution

God of War Weapons & Armor

Best Armor – Niflheim, Muspelheim, Valkyrie, Traveler, Tyr
Second Weapon – Is There Another Weapon in GOW
Best Axe & Blades Pommels – Mistbourne, Grips of the Valkyrie
Frozen Flame Locations – How to Upgrade Axe
Chilling Mists of Niflheim – How to Get Last Frozen Flame
God of War Shock Arrows – How to Get & Use
How to Upgrade Blades of Chaos – Why Fight It Trophy
Tyr Armor – How to Get Lost Unity Cuirass, Gauntlets, Belt
How to Get Forbidden Grip of the Ages Axe Pommel

God of War Quests

High Council Quest – Where to Bring Valkyrie Helmets
How to Escape Wolf Trap in The Black Rune Main Quest
The Seasons Puzzle in Magic Chisel Quest – How to Solve
How to Find & Free Dragons – Dangerous Skies Trophy
Spinning Rune Door River Pass Puzzle
River Pass Spiked Ceiling Puzzle
Witch’s Cave Exploration – How to Come Back
Alfheim puzzle – root blocked gate in Light Elf Sanctuary solution
How to Get to Landsuther Mines – Deus Ex Malachite Favor
Magic Chisel Journey Quest – How to Reach Hammer
Muspelheim Realm Tower – How to Get on Top

God of War Endgame Content

God of War Post Game Content
How to Open Hidden Chambers
Raging Inferno of Muspelheim – How to Get Last Chaos Flame
Hidden Chambers & Valkyrie Locations
How to Defeat Sigrun – Chooser of the Slain Trophy
How to Defeat Valkyries – Prove Your Valour Quest
Valkyrie Locations & how to kill them
How to Get Back to Mountain & Fight Eir
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