Gotham Knights Old Gotham Fast Travel Location

The Old Gotham fast travel point in Gotham Knights is probably one of the most important ones in this open-world game. Like in most other open-world titles, if you don’t want to waste your time travelling long distances, you will want to activate all fast travel points as soon as possible. In Gotham Knights, there are seven fast travel points. The first two, you will unlock as a part of the Main Case 2.1 quest. And then comes the Old Gotham fast travel point. In our guide, we explain where to find the Old Gotham flying drone and how to unlock the Old Gotham fast travel location.

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Gotham Knights Old Gotham Fast Travel Location

How to Activate Old Gotham Fast Travel Location in Gotham Knights

In order to start using the fast travel system in Gotham Knights, you will first need to activate this mechanic. This can be done by completing a quest given by Lucius Fox in Main Case 2.1. This will give you the first two points, one in Financial District and another one in Southside. From there, you will have the freedom to unlock the remaining five however you wish. They will all be visible on the map. While inactive they will be white. However, once you unlock them, they’ll turn green.

A Drone in Old Gotham is located on one of the lower rooftops. Just check the map below and it is impossible to miss it. Once you reach it, interact with it, and the drone will start buzzing around. What you will have to do is to follow his flying path until it stops flying and lands down on another nearby roof. And when that happens, use the compass (scan) ability by pressing down on your D-Pad. Wait for the scan to finish and remove the shield, and that’s it. You have successfully activated the Old Gotham Fast Travel location.

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