Unlock Robin Momentum Abilities Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights features four characters, all of which come with their own sets of skills and abilities. The most powerful of these are so-called Momentum Abilities. These allow you to pull off some really powerful moves, though you first need to unlock them. In this specific guide, we’re going to concentrate on the Momentum Abilities of Robin, and how to unlock them in Gotham Knights.

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Unlock Robin Momentum Abilities Gotham Knights
Unlock Robin Momentum Abilities Gotham Knights

How to Unlock Robin Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights

First, let’s see what Momentum Abilities are. These are powerful moves that your characters can use once you build up enough Momentum while fighting. This Momentum can then be spent on executing these special moves. Of course, you first need to unlock them in the game. This is done by completing certain Case Files and Challenges, as well as by defeating specific enemy types. Basically, play the game as you normally would, and you will have unlocked these simply by progressing through the game.

Now, let’s see which Momentum Abilities Robin has. As we have already outlined in our Best Gotham Knight Character guide, Robin focuses on stealth and gadgets, and his abilities reflect that. We still haven’t unlocked all the Momentum Abilities for Robin, and we will update the guide when we have done so.

The first Momentum Ability is Warp Hit Shot. This allows Robin to teleport to an enemy and hit them with a Heavy Melee Attack. Next, the Bo Spin. Activating it, Robin spins his bo staff in front of him, allowing him to deflect ranged attacks and damage enemies in an AoE. Evade Decoy is an excellent stealth-based ability. It creates a decoy Robin that attracts enemies to him. Bo Swing is an attack with Robin’s bo staff that sends enemies flying away from him. Finally, Microbots. When you use it, this will send three swarms of microbots that latch onto and damage foes.

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