Unlock Red Hood Momentum Abilities Gotham Knights

Knowing how to unlock Red Hood Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights is important because, well, these special powers add extra flavor to the combat. They give you various tactical advantages that can get you out of tight spots. So, in this guide, we are going to explain how to get Red Hood’s Momentum Abilities and what each of them does.

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unlock red hood momentum abilities gotham knights
Unlock Red Hood Momentum Abilities Gotham Knights

How to Unlock Red Hood Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights

To unlock the Red Hood Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights, you have to complete various Case Files, Challenges, or defeating particular enemy types. So, basically, just play the game diligently and you’ll get them all in time. Since the game is still very new, we haven’t quite been able to figure out which activities specifically grant you access to these abilities. We’ll be sure to update the guide with more info as we obtain it. In the meantime, here’s a list of all of Red Hood’s Momentum Abilities and what each of them does. They’re all pretty cool, I must say.

  • Barrage – You fire multiple rounds straight ahead, hitting everything in their path, then reload.
  • Mystical Punch – Grants you fifty percent extra melee damage and five times the Elemental Buildup for thirty seconds.
  • Two-Fisted Reload – You perform a quick reload while hitting and shooting at a foe.
  • Harnessed Rage – Your next attack increases your damage by a portion of damage you’ve recieved while returning one percent of health each second for twenty seconds.
  • Spoilsport Reload – You jump back, releasing explosive magazine, then reload.
  • Portable Turret – You “summon” a small turret that deals a lot of damage by shooting at enemies for six seconds.
  • Mega Tackle – You dash into enemies in front of you and knock them to the ground.
  • Mystical Rounds – You lock onto enemies and fire mystical rounds which deal a whole lot of damage.
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