Gran Turismo 7 Known Bugs and Issues

Gran Turismo 7, one of the PS5 flagship games in 2022, has finally arrived. The iconic sim racing franchise is bringing a next-gen driving experience for the fans of racing games. Cutting edge graphics, stellar audio design, and engaging gameplay were to be expected from the series known for its quality. However, there are some bugs and issues in Gran Turismo 7 at launch. Developers Polyphony Digital are aware of these problems and are working on fixing them.

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Gran Turismo 7 has just a few bugs and issues at launch

List of Gran Turismo 7 Bugs and Issues

Gran Turismo 7 launched on 4th March at midnight, local time. The sim racing series is generally known for high production quality. The developer, Polyphony Digital, usually releases games in an almost impeccable state with but a few bugs. Gran Turismo games are known for being polished, complete products at launch. They have no downsides from a technical perspective.

The quality of Gran Turismo 7 has been certified by the reviewers. The game sits at the score of 87 on Metacritic at the time of writing. Nonetheless, GT7 does suffer from a few bugs and issues currently. The good news is that most of these GT7 bugs and issues are mostly minor and far from game-breaking. Polyphony Digital is aware of a lot of the Gran Turismo 7 bugs reported by the community. They are currently investigating them in order to understand what causes them. You can see the full list of known Gran Turismo 7 bugs and issues on this link. Polyphony Digital states that these issues are expected to be fixed in a future update.

As you can see from the link above, several GT7 multiplayer bugs are preventing players from starting a race. At the moment, you can solve these issues by simply leaving and re-entering the lobby. In addition, Assist Settings for Player 2 is currently locked in the Split Screen mode. When it comes to other listed issues, you can bypass most of them as explained by developers on the link above.

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  1. L
    Leonard Person

    Brand new play disc will not load. I’m so frustrated!

  2. S
    Sam Govaerts

    My game is blocked at the menubook number 14. I have aquired al 3 cars but still the game won´t progress . This means I can not get all racetracks and get any more cars. Allready deleted the game and all save data from console and cloud. But when I start the game again it will go to where I was with the same problem. Really strange

    1. T

      Same issue but mine is happening at menu book 4, I have won every race 3 times now and not progressing…..tried rebooting etc. How do you formally submit issues to Play Station?

      1. D

        After ordering and waiting months I too can’t play game cos still can’t get menu 4 even after update

    2. C

      The same thing has been Happening to me on book 2 since the release day

      1. I
        Ian Chung

        I got stuck in book 2 as well. Wining all the race including the one in Italy, I can’t get fiat 500 still and can’t advance to next book. How can I fix it?

        1. D

          Can’t progress past level 3 ; even though latest update was supposed to fix this bug ; I feel I have spent money on something not fit for purpose: the odd bug I can live with but when you can’t even play the game after having it for 10 days (DISGUSTING

    3. A

      I am having the same issue, is there a fix for this, I even have the 1.08 update, this is so frustrating

  3. J

    Ik heb hetzelfde probleem. Weet je misschien al een oplossing?

  4. W

    I got the PS4 version of this game and the disc is self ejecting itself, even when I turn off the PS4, the PS4 turns back on and ejects the disc

  5. P
    Paul sheehan

    Game is broke private multiplayer lobby can’t change tracks or vote tracks after you done a race you have to quit and start another room so it’s got big issues to be honest

  6. B

    Theres a bug in the custom race creation where on rolling start option when you try to increase the distance between cars for rolling start interval it locks on 15 and ive tried on multiple tracks but when i move cursor to the right and put it on 50 as soon as i click the x button it goes to 15, is therea way to fix this or does no one know about it or maybe a new update on to fix this problem.

  7. P
    paul hotchkiss

    When setting up a lobby there is no option for the following……
    Track vote
    Track change
    option to kick anyone thats causing a pain on track
    Hope this changes otherwise back to gt sport for me

  8. M

    Issues with camera on PS4 edition. It shakes when trying to drive inside car

  9. L
    Lachlan Barrett

    Bought a $100 game. Played for a few hours. Completed menu book 11 and acquired all 3 cars but it did not recognise that and I can’t accept rewards and move on. Been waiting for days on news of an update. Keen on a refund basically

  10. I
    ian chung

    I got stuck in book 2 as well. Wining all the race including the one in Italy, I can’t get fiat 500 still and can’t advance to next book. How can I fix it?

    1. W

      I can’t get the fiat 500 aswell

      1. D

        I’m in the same boat as you guys. Stuck on menu book 2 since launch. Can’t get the Fiat.

  11. D
    Denni Mitrevski

    You don’t make much money in custom race like in gt sport can you fix it please.

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