Gran Turismo 7 Crossplay & Cross Progression

If you purchase Gran Turismo 7 on the PS4, but planning to later upgrade to the PS5, knowing if you will be able to carry over progress from the PS4 to PS5 is essential. Sony allows players to upgrade their PS4 versions of GT7 to the PS5 version for a fairly reasonable price. But will you need to start everything from the beginning or is there cross-progression? Also, does Gran Turismo 7 have crossplay between PS4 and PS5? If you own GT7 on the PS5, can you play with your friend who owns the PS4 version? Here’s everything we know about GT7 crossplay and cross-progression.

Gran Turismo 7 Crossplay & Cross Progression
Is there GT7 crossplay between PS4 and PS5??

Is Gran Turismo 7 cross-platform?

Yes, Gran Turismo 7 is a cross-gen game with crossplay support. Gran Turismo 7 fully supports crossplay which means players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can race against each other in the same multiplayer lobbies. There are no limitations in this regard. All GT7 modes of play have cross-play support. You can have cross-play with other random people online, both in casual and ranked matches. You can also race with your friends who play GT7 on both PS4 and PS5 consoles.

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Gran Turismo 7 Cross-progression

You will be able to carry over GT7 progress from the PS4 to PS5 and vice versa. All your progress, achievements, ranks, unlocked and purchased content is saved in a cloud. This means you can access it on and PlayStation console. Even if you upgrade your PS4 version of the game to the PS5 version, everything will still be there.

When it comes to Gran Turismo Sport, GT7 will automatically import your GT Sport liveries, decals, and Sport Mode Ratings. The process has already started since mid-February 2022, and it should be automated. The only important thing is for you to have both games on the same PSN account. To use your GT Sport liveries in GT7, you first need to own the car for which they are designed. They can be found under the “GT Sport Liveries” menu. With that said, that’s all you need to know about Gran Turismo 7 crossplay and cross-progression support.

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  1. M

    Can I go back and forth from my ps4 to ps5 and be at the same point in the game regardless what system I’m using?

      1. C
        Connon Goodman

        Cool I play on ps4 at work and ps5 at home. I was wondering if I played this at home would my progress continue. It’s a nice game but I don’t want to progress twice

  2. E
    Ethan Lee

    I’m in need of help and questions. My progress I completely glitched and I’m stuck on menu book 3. My wifi connection kepted connecting and disconnecting during the time of trying to complete menu book 3. Now the progress says I completed the book, however it shows that I did not get the Fiat 500 yet. I need some serious help, I’m about to lose my mind.

  3. J
    Jake M

    Do you need PS4 disc in your ps5 to play with friends on PS4 or can I get the ps5 disc?

    1. You can play between PS5 and PS4 in any way, there are no limitations

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