Another 10 GTA Online Verified Jobs Update

Rockstar Verified jobs

Rockstar today released another set of verified jobs from the selection of many other player creations for GTA Online. What’s interesting about this update is that two users received this honor for the second time since Rockstar started digging through GTA Online user created content.
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Here’s just couple of them:
Farm Fresh – Created by Ma1evo1ent Cheese Another great track built specifically for dirt bikes featuring on and off-road sections. “Farm Fresh” was picked out for R* Verification due to the diverse terrain explored in a map that navigates tight, difficult sections in and around Martin Madrazo’s ranch at La Fuerte Blanca, up to the Redwood Lights race track and back down to an on-road section in the Vinewood Hills. Creator Ma1evo1entCheese has honed the art of a good clean Race as a member of the Red Rum Racing Crew, a highly organized collective with their own forum for Crew meets and intra-Crew challenges.
Coupe D’état – Created by LuapYllier One of Red Rum Racing’s Commissioners also earns a Verification nod this round with the aptly named “Coupe D’état”. As we mentioned in our recent article outlining tips for the Race Creator, vehicle selection should always be carefully considered according to the layout and terrain of your course. LuapYllier has followed this advice perfectly, selecting an underused vehicle class that is perfect for the tricky turns and hill sections. Keep an eye out for crossovers where you can collide with opponents as well as a shortcut across the abandoned railway line.
Power Hour – Created by AnneSauceyFrank “Power Hour” is an exciting high speed Race in an area rarely used: the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the east coast of San Andreas. With each lap featuring a double loop, there’s plenty of potential for some electrifying collisions – Race leaders may find themselves quickly targeted by those bitter at having fallen behind.
If you wonder what other jobs got R* Verified, you can check the full list and descriptions here.
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