GTA 5 Assassination Mission Stock Market Guide

The assassination missions you can do as Franklin (through Lester) are fun in and of themselves, but with a little know-how, you can also use them to make truckloads of money. Enter BAWSAQ – the GTA5 equivalent of Wall Street, accessible through your phone (more on that in the How To Navigate The Stock Market section).
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Each of these missions is followed by a brief turbulence in the stock exchange. Taking advantage of these can be a bit tedious, but with enough to invest you can make dizzying amounts of cash. A few things to keep in mind before you start:

  • The window of opportunity can often be short; remember that saving as Michael or Franklin advances the time by 6 hours, while saving as Trevor advances it by 12. The quicksave on the phone doesn’t advance it at all.
  • The stocks are divided between two markets: the BAWSAQ and the LCN. The former is online only, so it requires a persistent connection to the internet and the Rockstar Social Club.
  • The market is dormant during weekends, so make sure you start each of the missions on a Monday.
  • Don’t forget to invest with all three of the characters.

How To Navigate The Stock Market

All of the stock market transactions are done through your phone, so you can buy, sell and check current prices (using the “My Portfolio” tab) regardless of your location. To buy, you should open your phone, go to the “Money” section, select the appropriate stock market (BAWSAQ or LCN), click on the company you want, select “Buy”, then click and hold the “+” sign until you’ve bought all you can, then click “Buy and Confirm”. Deciding when to sell is done by choosing the stock market, selecting the “My Portfolio” tab and checking the “Return Percentage” column. When you decide to sell, you just choose the market, enter “My Portfolio” and click the “Sell All” option.

1. The Hotel Assassination

Before the mission: Make sure it’s Monday. Switch between the characters and invest everything into Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) using your phone.
After the mission: Wait for the return percentage to rise to 50%, then switch between the characters and sell everything. This should happen after about 18 hours. If you choose to advance time by saving, be sure to check after every save.

2. The Multi-Target Assassination

Before the mission: Advance time until it’s Monday. Cycle through the characters and invest everything into Debonaire (DEB) on your phone.
After the mission: Wait for the return percentage to hit 80% (after about 8 hours), then sell everything. After that, buy as many Redwood (RWC) stocks as you can. The return percentage you’re looking for this time is a whooping 300%, which should happen sometime between 48 and 96 hours after you invest.

3. The Vice Assassination

Before the mission: Check the clock and see if it’s Monday. If not, advance time until it is. Invest all of your characters’ money in Fruit (FRT) using your phone’s browser.
After the mission: Wait for the return percentage of 50%, then sell (this should happen after 6 or so hours, so you shouldn’t advance time). Invest your freshly made cash into Facade (FAC). After 48 hours, the return percentage should be at 33%, which is when you should sell.

4. The Bus Assassination

Before the mission: Make sure it’s Monday. Do nothing else.
After the mission: Invest everything your guys own into Vapid (VAP) using your phone. Wait for a 100% return percentage, then sell. It should happen about 48 hours after you buy.

5. The Construction Assassination

Before the mission: Advance time until it’s Monday. Invest everything you have into Gold Coast (GCD) on your phone.
After the mission: Wait for about 24 hours, and look for an 80% return. Sell everything.

We managed to make somewhere around 2 billion thanks to these missions, which is more than we could ever spend. Now go forth, brave stock broker, and milk that BAWSAQ for everything it’s got.



  1. S

    This is not always guaranteed. Fact. I have tried this and it is 2016. The one thing I will say is that the 300% return mission works but I had to wait until Saturday. I think that doing this is worth it as you can build as much money as possible and then complete the random event -‘tinkle investement’ but overall it does NOT NET 2 billion, at least not now.

    1. N

      It’s 2020 now, and I’m tellin ya; if I’d been smart enough to hold off until after I beat the game to do these missions, I prob woulda had 3-6 billion… But I pulled a dumbass move and did the 300% return mission just before I beat the game (and before I found this guide..) Still got around 160 mil in the end though.

    2. A
      Arthur Fl4k

      Yeah but it’s 2020 and I’m actually doing this right now. I have 1 billion and I’m on my way to the last part where I invest in Gold Coast and double that so… 2bil brodie lol. Gotta follow the steps and get a little creative when they don’t work. You’ll get 2 bil. Thanks Gosunoob ?

    3. J

      It does. Maybe not if you follow this guide exactly, but if you use applications of common sense you can get 2B per character.

    4. Y

      I made over $250,000,000 off of redwood but only made $20,000,000 of the deboinare part

  2. D
    Dan Lynes

    it does it means 2 billion if you combine all 3 characters money together and if all done properly. i just did it last night

    1. B

      No it doesn’t it’s 2mil per character.

      1. K

        No, you are all wrong. It nets 2 billion per character if all of them are done right after the big heist. The heist will give a max 41 million, if done right you will get 2 billion.

      2. S

        Yea you have to save the missions until the After the big bank heist

      3. D

        I messed up on the first investment for the hotel assination, lost money on it, just did the second as instructed and each character has over 175 million. You must be doing something wrong.

    2. Actually it doesn’t I’ve got 1.4 billion for each of the characters

    3. J

      I got 2 bill per character

  3. D
    Dave Wilson

    Worked for me too, in fact better, the bus assassination topped at 148% return, Michael has 2.14 Billion and both Franklin and Trevor have 2.1 Billion each and I’ve still got the side missions to do (just done the Tinkle)

  4. G
    good guy

    I think your ment to finish the main story line before you start the assassination missions that way you have all the cash from the heist mission’s to trade with

  5. J

    I can invest all my money with Franklin, but when I change to Michael or Trevor and dump everything into the same stock, it takes all my money but shows that I have nothing in my portfolio. Anyone else ever have this happen? Luckily, I backed up a few different save files…

    1. A

      I had this issue on Xbox One with all characters (money was spent but nothing in portfolio). I found that quitting the game and launching every time fresh fixed the issue. Also allows me to invest in bawsaq, otherwise it was always closed.

    2. D

      I had this happen once on Trevor when I forgot to hit Confirm then Continue. I backed out after buy instead and it did not complete the purchase.

  6. W

    This website is the best i have 2,147,483,647 and im only on the third assination whoever put this website up is the boss thanks so much

    1. V

      354 MILLION for 1 character(AFTER all the assassinations)

  7. R

    Whymy redwood investment didnt hit until 300%.It only hit 2%.I already wait more than four days.Can anyone help me?

    1. X

      Mine hit 300% after a(n) (in game) week. Monday following the multi-target assassination, which took place the previous monday.

    2. E

      It takes a lot longer now..I remember I play it on Xbox when the game is out, took me about a day or 2. I recently replay it on pc, it didn’t turn into profit until the tuesday after it (I did the mission the previous monday). Also it didn’t hit 300%, it’s 254% on my save.
      So I guess it still work, you just have to keep save the game…

  8. Wrong not 41 664 000$ but 44 335 000$

  9. M

    Multi target assassination never gives 80% back the highest it goes is 48% then it starts falling

    1. I
      Indrid Cold

      Yeah, I only got 55% and it started falling.

      1. C

        i got it up to 86%…I guess it is random

  10. I
    Indrid Cold

    Redwood rebounded 305.88 in a (in)game week, 305.88 on Tuesday, and it started to fall. Definitely agree, great job on the insight scoop!

  11. R

    Thanks…it worked for me, made 2.5 billion…!!!! Kudos mate!!!

  12. L

    Thank you so much! I now have more money than sense xD

  13. K

    After the Bus Assassination the BAWSAQ is down. On day 5 and still down. I have 776 million dollars. I could easily get to 2 billion+ if the BAWSAQ comes back up. 🙁

  14. K

    Had to go and play back saved game and then it worked. Now have 1.58 billion w/ the Construction assassination left. 😉

  15. S

    I think some depends on the natural variations on the stock and when you buy in. One of the early missions I maxed out at less than they said, but still ended up with about 1.5B per character. Just like the real stock market, buy low sell high. If I did it again, I’d time the purchases to the daily low.

  16. Y

    I made or have 60 billion in stocks and 2.147 billion with each character with nothing left to purchase or complete or accomplish… what to do now???

  17. M
    Mr Unbroken

    I just finished the 300% mission. after the first mission, I was able to make about 11mil in profit putting me around 33mil to invest for the 300%. Though, I was only able to get the percentage to go up to 267% which landed me with 90mil-ish in profit for each character. so I am left with 120-125mill for each character right now. I will continually add comments based on my success in using this guide as a way to purchase all properties and getting the most profit possible. I swear I will buy that damn golf course and movie theater!

    1. M
      Mr Unbroken

      I just completed the third assassination mission for the game. For the fruit investment, I was only able to get a 22% return on investment. For the second portion of the guide, it said that we should invest in Facade after getting money from fruit. This was accurate and was able to get the full 33.33% from the guide’s instructions currently sitting at 200mill per character.

  18. M
    Mr Unbroken

    I just finished the 4th mission for Lester, and the guide for it is correct BUT you need to advance further than 48 hours. for my investment to reach 100% I needed to wait at least double that time. So do not get worried if your investment is taking longer than instructed by the guide.

  19. J

    Dunno if people know this trick, but I managed to boost redwood to 400% return before I stopped (could have went higher with patience).

    All you do is follow the guide, however you need to use the mobile quick save as the primary method of saving the game, then just keep reloading the save until you see the max price increase, then just lie on your bed, but cancel the save. Hopefully the profit will increase, if not, just rinse and repeat until it does.

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