GTA 5 Mission 21 - Dead Man Walking Guide

Dead Man Walking Gold Medal Objectives

AccuracyHit enemies with accuracy of above 70%
HeadshotsHit at least 14 enemies with a headshot
Mission TimeFinish mission under 9:30 minutes
Focused KillerHit at least 4 enemies while using Michael’s special ability
UnmarkedFinish mission with minimum damage to Michael
CompletionGold 100%

GTA 5 Dead Man Walking StartMission 21 starts when Michael reaches the capital “B” on the map. Due to the time limit, skip all the cut scenes, if you want to complete gold medal task.
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You can reach spot “B” on the map from the North.

Search the morgue for the body

The body you are looking for is in the room across from the one where you woke up. First take down the security guard and grab his pistol. Afterwards, proceed towards two bodies marked as green dots on the map.

Escape from the building

This is the part of the mission where four tasks can be completed. “Unmarked” is the same task as in every other mission. Completion of this task is easier, since you can use Michael’s special ability which slows the time down a lot. Use it as an advantage for successful headshots, and you will reach the goal of “Headshots“, which contributes to the Gold Medal tasks “Focused Killer” and “Accuracy“. Keep in mind the map can help you in identifying threats, as well as for guiding you to the escape point. Don’t use Michael’s special ability on a security guard, while the guard is hiding behind a cover (desk, corner and etc). gta 5 mission 21You will wake up on the floor. Head to the upper floor through a door with a “Fire Exit” sing above. This door leads you to the second floor, where you will find the bag with your stuff, and a window exit.

Lose the Cops and go to the Oil derricks.

gta 5 mission 21 You are time limited for this task. You have to get rid of the cops while driving to the eastern part of Los Santos, more specifically to El Burro Heights (oil field territory). When you get rid of the cops, you will have the final mission objective. The mission ends at Oil derricks. Skip the cut scenes if you lost too much time on the previous mission objectives.
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