GTA 5 Mission 20 - Fame or Shame Guide

Fame or Shame Gold Medal Objectives

Fastest SpeedReach the top speed with Phantom truck
Bearing DownStay close to Lazlow during the chase
No, I Can Park HerePunch the guy that holds papers in front of Maze Bank Arena parking spot
All Hooked UpDrive Phantom to the end of mission without unhooking trailer
CompletionGold 100%

The mission starts when you approach Michael’s safe house. You can begin the mission with two characters – Trevor and Michael. GTA 5 mission 20 is available after you complete the first three Trevor’s missions.

Go to Maze Bank Arena

Gta 5 Flame or Shame Maze Bank Arena is located Northeast of Los Santos International Airport. The mission is not time limited, so you can easily have a chat with an old buddy. At the end of the road, in the parking lot where you leave your car, near the side walk, there will be a guy with a clipboard saying the space is reserved for production vehicles. Knock him down and you will complete the task “No, I Can Park Here“.

Get in Truck and chase after Lazlow

Once a short scene with Tracy is over, you will receive a new task to chase Lazlow. Get into the improperly parked Truck to complete the total of three tasks.
gta 5 mission 20The Fastest Speed” task requires you to push the truck to its limits. This is rather easy. While you chase Lazlow, there will be a couple of long roads where you can achieve this.
”Bearing Down” requires you to stay close to Lazlow during the chase. If he goes out of sight, and Trevor nags about your driving, you should probably forget about this task.
The funniest task, but difficult and challenging is “All Hooked Up“. In order to complete the task you must not lose the trailer until the very end of the chase for Lazlow. You can lose the trailer if you unhook it manually, hit a vehicle at full speed, or do a sharp turn at high speed. The most difficult part of the mission is when Lazlow gets into a canal with his car. There is a large hill that will cause your vehicle to go airborne, which will detach your trailer (and fail the task). Gta 5 Flame or Shame LazlowTo avoid this, once your vehicle goes airborne, direct it towards the north side of the canal. This will cause you to land at the center of the canal, the trailer will slide a bit, and will not get detached.
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