There are multiple locations in GTA 5 where you can find RPG. We marked some of them on the map bellow and we have screenshots for each location as well as this weapon’s stats.

Fire Rate

Available Weapon Upgrades

Name Specifications Cost
2 rounds $100
GripGives stability$320
Desert sand color $100
Black color Default
Metallic blue color $600

RPG Location Screenshots

NoteThis RPG is at the top of the big western Bridge Pylon. It is reachable by flying down on the small platform at the highest bridge point. It should not represent any problem to land down with your helicopter easily, because there is enough space to land on.
NoteThis RPG weapon is hidden at the top of the N.O.O.S.E. facility building. Use the ladder at the bottom of the building, in order to climb up to the top of the building, or you can just simply fly on the top. At the same side of the building roof, there is a spawn location of Buzzard Attack Chopper. You can carry up to 20 RPGs at once.
NoteInside Altruist Cult Camp, located in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness you will find Assault Rifle and RPG, on the ground in church porch.

Map Locations for RPG

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