GTA 5 SMG Locations

There are multiple locations in GTA 5 where you can find SMG. We marked some of them on the map bellow and we have screenshots for each location as well as this weapon’s stats.
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Fire Rate

Available Weapon Upgrades

Name Specifications Cost
38 rounds $60
16 rounds Default
30 rounds $342
Provides illumination $475
Silencer. It reduces range and damage $1,937
Desert sand color $100
Black color Default
Metallic blue color $600

SMG Location Screenshots

NoteSMG, that you can find here, is in the backyard of a small house with a white roof. The front of the house is looking at a nearby crossroads. Jump over the fence to enter the yard or take any other approach you find appropriate. The SMG is near a white plastic chair.
NoteIn front of El Cafe Rojo de Madera there is another hidden weapon, this time SMG. This quart of the Los Santos has unique appearance, the ground is red, with small market shops aligned in a circle. This weapon is just in front of the mentioned cafe, between a wooden barrel and a stairs. You get a coffee and a gun, isn’t that nice.
NoteThere are many weapons that can be obtained without alerting any policemen or some other hostile enemies. This is not the case with this one. You can find this weapon outside the nearby clubhouse, on a crate next to the couch. Nearby NPCs do not look well-intentioned, nor the club members, and they will attack you. Luckily for you, there are nearby houses that you can run in and dodge their bullets.
NoteUnder the Rockford Plaza, at the platform between two pillars, there is another hidden SMG. Acquiring this SMG does not alert police or anyone else, and you can easily stay at this spot, grabbing bullets at each new spawn.
NoteThis SMG can be found at a quarry, Davis Quartz quarry, on a catwalk, behind big yellow truck – HVY Dump. It seams that workers didn’t get their paychecks, thus they are preparing for riots!? Who knows… As there are no alarms due to your presence here, you can collect SMG spawns easily here.
NoteThis SMG is well hidden bellow the Del Perro Beach Pier in west Los Santos. This hidden weapon is extremely awarding for explorers, as there are many wooden pillars that hold the pier above, and it is not easy to spot nearby SMG. It is more likely to spot it while you are away from the water and close to an under pier wall on the east.
NoteThis SMG can be found bellow the covered sidewalk of a house at Richman Glen. Beside the low concrete fence there are no other obstacles between you and the SMG. There are no hostile elements like wanted level here, and you can easily farm this weapon respawn spot.

Map Locations for SMG

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    You can find a CROWBAR outside of the Cluckin Bell Factory in the northern most town. It’s in a little alcove with a dumpster and a stack of wooden pallets on the front side of the building.

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    a melee weapon missing on your map: the crowbar on the north/west side (just outside) zancudo fort by the (only) little building’s door, next to a black pick-up.
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    a COCKTAIL MOLOTOV can be found in North Chumash, in little tunnel under the Great Ocean Highway (the western highway), 0.12 miles south of Hookies (purchasable property).

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    Molotov cocktail behind the old run down Alamo sea hotel.

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    A chainsaw behind beaker’s garage in pale to bay next to a burned out car:D

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