Sniper Rifle

There are multiple locations in GTA 5 where you can find Sniper Rifle. We marked some of them on the map bellow and we have screenshots for each location as well as this weapon’s stats.
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NameSniper Rifle
Fire Rate

Available Weapon Upgrades

Name Specifications Cost
20 rounds $48
SuppressorSilencer. It reduces range and damage$2300
Advanced ScopeAdvanced Zoom$2437
Desert sand color $100
Black color Default
Metallic blue color $600

Sniper Rifle Location Screenshots

NoteThis Sniper Rifle can be found at the top of the Airport Radar. This one is extremely hard to obtain without dieing several times. Any approach without cheats, will get you killed, since on each step, a large problem will cause the bigger one.

If you however succeed to climb down the Airport Radar ladder and reach the ground safely, it will require a lot of ammunition!
NoteWho said that the sniper rifle could be found only at the top of some building? This is the case with another Sniper Rifle. You can find it at the Northern red-white Chimney stack. There are many stairs near this chimney that leads toward the higher point of this facility, and the one that you can use to eventually climb up to the point where the sniper rifle is hidden. You can however land on the nearby Power Plant roof, and from there jump onto the nearby stairs bellow, and save yourself time. Scouting around this area, does not alert anyone, so you can freely run around. Try not to fall down, as the fall can be fatal.
NoteThis Sniper Rifle is found at hidden or not so hidden location, at the top of the Yellow Water Tower, Paleto Bay, Blaine County. There are stairs to climb up, if you do not prefer landing on with a helicopter. There is no hostile environment that can cause wanted level or any other hostile response, and you can farm sniper rifle respawns here without any problems.
NoteThis Sniper Rifle is at the Observatory viewpoint, Galileo Observatory Vinewood Hills, next to a telescope facing south. Every Snipe Rifle can be found at the place with a great viewpoint just like this one. Would be shame not to look through an objective at least, don’t you think?

Map Locations for Sniper Rifle

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