GTA 5 Mission 11 – Casing the Jewel Store Guide

Casing the Jewel Store Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeComplete within 8 minutes timer
Picture PerfectCapture all 3 security features in 1 picture
CompletionGold 100%

Casing the Jewel Store mission starts as you approach Lester map sign “L” for the second time. You should complete mission “Friend Request” in order to receive this one.
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Before you start the mission tasks outfit Michael in a suit from his wardrobe closet to look respectable. After that, follow the yellow route to Jewelery store Vangelico.

Go to the jewelers

The entrance to the jewelery store Vangelico is in a small alley. In order to complete mission task “Picture Perfect” you should take a picture that contains alarm, vents and cameras. Camera and vent are on the ceiling, while the alarm is a keycode panel next to the doors. However, at my first run through, I didn’t succeed in this, but still my task was completed, so, maybe, this task might require to properly take the picture of the roof vent on the next objective.
Interact with red hair sales clerk at the middle of the store, to trigger a cutscene.

Go to the roof top

Drive Lamar around the block, then stop next to the yellow fire hydrant. Lamar will ask you to take a picture of a roof vent system. Position from where you can take it properly is on the opposite side of the rooftop. Continue to the rooftop end, then climb up on the highest roof top. From there you can take proper picture that counted for my “Picture Perfect” completion task. However, just for any case, capture all 3 security features in 1 picture in the previous mission objective.

Go to the garment factory.

We are still on the “Mission Time” completion task here, hit that gas pedal!

Choose the approach, loud or silent.

On the planning board choose smart approach, then select personnel. You need driver, gunman and a hacker. Choosing the most skilled crew for Heists is the best choice, but, if you select smart approach you do not need the most skilled gunman.