GTA 5 Mission 10 – Friend Request Guide

Friend Request Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeComplete mission under 8:30 minutes
Popups ClearClear all popups within 32 seconds
CompletionGold 100%

Mission 10 starts as soon as Micheal approach map letter sign “L” also known as Lester’s house location.

Go to the Suburban store in Winewood

Suburban store is near Lester’s house.
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Completing this mission, will reveal all other Suburban stores in Los Santos.

Buy a suitable outfit.

Grab any Gilet, to complete this objective. Do not lose time checking out new stuff for too long, since there is a timer for finishing “Mission Timer” task.

Go to Lifeinvader offices and its rear entrance

Push that gas pedal since this mission has Mission Timer completion task.

Follow the programmer

Since you cannot enter the building, talk with the guy in front of the building and he’ll help you slip in. Keep following programmer until he shows you the computer that you should fix. Closing all popups under 32 seconds at this computer is needed for completion task “Popups Clear”. You can do it as you close popup windows, by clicking at the sign “X” at its right upper corner. Activate AntEater AntiVirus as soon as possible.

Rig the prototype

Prototype phone is down the hall in the room nearby.

Watch the keynote at Micheal’s house.

This part is the hardest one, for completing “Mission Timer” completion task. While Micheal is watching Jay Norris presentation on TV you should call Jay Noriss from your phone contacts when the crowd cheers his name. If you fail the mission, you will not be able to complete “Mission Timer” completion task