GTA 5 Mission 4 – Chop Guide

Chop Gold Medal Objectives

Not a ScratchComplete with minimal damage to Lamar’s van
HomedogEnter Chop’s perspective for 10 seconds
Advanced ReflexesUse Franklin’s special ability for 7 seconds
CompletionGold 100%
Note: This mission starts when you enter Franklin’s safe-house.

Get to Vinewood Boulevard

First we need to get into the Lamar’s Van, that is just around the corner of Franklin’s Safe House.
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There is a long ride, to the Vinewood Boulevard at the Northern part of town. Make minimal damage to Lamar’s van if you want gold medal completion. At the end of Vinewood Boulevard, you will hunt down person called D on a motorcycle, which makes this completion task harder.

Open boxcars to see if D is hiding inside.

When D rashes down, run after him wit Lamar’s dog Chop. Chop’s help is needed in tracking down D through boxcars. Be sure to keep Chops perspective for 10 seconds for completing the completion task “Homedog”. Chop goes “wild” at some point, so you need to calm him down. There are 3 in total boxcars you should search before finding D hiding inside of one of them.

Take D to Lamar’s house.

After all this hard work, Lamar founds a way to make it pointless. A valuable lesson learned.

Drop Lamar off at the rec center.

Upon dropping Lamar at the rec, center mission is completed. Do not forget to use Franklin’s special ability for 7 seconds before you do that, for successfully completion of task “Advanced Reflexes”.


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