GTA 5 Mission 5 – Complications Guide

Complications Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeComplete mission before 5 minutes run out
Can’t Touch ThisDo not let Micheal take any damage from Simeon during their fight
Dirt NapTake out gardener with stealth attack
CompletionGold 100%

GTA 5 Mission 5 – Complications starts when you approach Simeon’s car shop.

Go to the house

Micheal’s house is located at the northwestern part of town.
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Since the mission is time limited and there is no completion task where you should go, drive fast but carefully!

Take out the gardener

Gardener you should take out in order to complete task “Dirt Nap”, is left from the gate door. Following information in the game, you will be able to take out the gardener and without anyone noticing,and completing “Dirt Nap”.

Take the car to the dealership.

Since the house doors are locked, you should jump on the gardener’s car roof, then on the house roof, through an opened window. Avoid being noticed by inhabitants of the house by carefully passing them by.

Ram through the dealership window.

Things do not go as you think, and new events take you to the other “entrance” of Simeon’s car dealership. Due to 5 min completion task timer pick up the fastest route and ran through the dealership window.

Beat up Simeon.

Micheal should not take any damage from Simeon in order to finish completion task “Can’t Touch This”. This requires proper dodging of Simeon’s attacks.