GTA 5 Mission The Vice Assassination Guide

Gold Medal Completion Objectives

Clean Escape BonusKill at least 3 enemies with stealth attack
Money EarnedYou can earn up to $ 5 000
CompletionGold 100%
GTA 5 Mission 41 The Vice Assassination GuideGTA 5 Mission The Vice Assassination is the third assassination mission. It is marked with letter “L” in Downtown, Legion Square / Strawberry Ave, and starts after Franklin answers the phone in pay phone booth.

Note: Assassination missions are awesome for earning a lot of money.
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You can do it if you invest with all 3 characters into specific company at the stock market. The prices on the stock market will change after Franklin kills particular “important” targets. Before you start this mission, make sure it is Monday (in-game) and invest money from all characters in Fruit (FRT) through your in game phone (internet->money and services->>markets), as their price will increase after this mission. Look for a 50-60% return.

Watch the prostitute

GTA 5 Mission 41 Objective Watch the ProstituteProstitute you should find is west of Maze Bank Arena, to the southwest from your starting position.

Assassinate your target and leave area.

GTA 5 The Vice Assassination Guide Assassinate targetIn order to assassinate the target without alerting police, use sniper rifle with suppressor from the distance. Your target drives the third car, vapid peyote with open roof, that stops near a prostitute.
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