GTA 5 Mission 7 – Long Stretch Guide

The Long Stretch Gold Medal Objectives

AccuracyComplete mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%
HeadshotsKill 10 enemies with a headshot
UnmarkedComplete with minimal damage to health and armor
Mission TimeComplete mission under 9 minutes
CompletionGold 100%

The Long Stretch mission starts when Franklin for the second time enters his house while the big letter “F” is above it.

Go to the Ammu-Nation

This part of mission ends when you buy a Pump Shotgun and a flashlight mod in Ammu-Nation store.
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Keep on mind that The Long Stretch mission has limited time for completing the task “Mission Time” and you should do your shopping as quick as possible.

Go to the meeting at the recycling plant.

Recycling plant is not far away from the Ammu-nation shop. Hit the gas pedal, we are on 9 minutes timer for this mission.

Escape the recycling plant.

This is the hardest part of the mission, since there are four completion tasks you should complete here. Firstly we need to take care of the 9 minutes short timer, secondly there is “Accuracy” task that requires at least 2/3 shots to hit the target, with at least 10 Headshots, use mini map wisely as enemies are shown at it. As this is not enough, you should complete all this with minimum damage to Franklin.
As you escape recycling plant, follow Lamar for the safest route out of a junkyard. Even if you complete all the tasks successfully, there is an issue with escaping the cops. Drive car toward Franklin’s house, and hide in some dark alley. Wait here to lower Wanted level, then drive toward the last checkpoint, Franklin’s house.



  1. D

    The big letter “F” is not appearing for me. what can i do to activate this mission?

    1. G

      Before you can do this mission you have to finish missions with a different character – Michael. Check if you did all the Michael missions (you should have a big M on the map showing unfinished Michael missions) before attempting this one.

      1. D

        I checked already, there is no “M” when i switch to Michael either. Anything else i should try?

        1. D

          Main missions go like this, you follow new letter marks on the map. They are not always “F”or “M”. You might have some other mark, like “S”?

          1. L
            Luis Gerardo Hernandez Gonzale

            yeah but it doesnt change the character to keep playing other missions ?

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