GTA 5 Mission 8 – Marriage Counseling Guide

GTA 5 Mission 2: Franklin and Lamar Objectives

Not a ScratchComplete first part of mission with minimal damage to the Bison
Mission TimeComplete mission under 5:30 minutes.
Drive-by KillerKill 3 enemies while in a vehicle
CompletionGold 100%

GTA 5 mission 8 – Marriage Counseling starts when Micheal, for the second time, gets to his Safe House marked with green letter “M” on the map. Be aware that you should enter the house through the front door, since the mission will not start if you enter the house at some other way.
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Follow the tennis coach.

Get in white Bravado Bison Van outside Micheal’s house and start following tennis coach. Try not to damage the van too much, if you want to complete the task “Not a Scratch”. This can be tricky since you should take care of limited 5:30 minutes completion timer as well.

Drive to Canyon.

You lost the tennis coach at this point, and you have been given new route through Canyon.

Get in the truck

After finishing your business, return to Micheal’s house.

Lose Madrazo’s men.

Completion task “Drive-by Killer” can be completed here efficiently, since you can shoot down Madrazo’s men who are following you. Since it’s much easier to shoot them down from the car, than to lose them, option one is more valuable toward “Mission Time” goal.


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