GTA V Lost Santos International Airport Peyote Plant Location

(Only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users)


  1. B
    bob perez

    This is wrong location, spent 1/2 hour looking

    1. L

      This is where I’ve found it, seems unlikely they would move it :c One some versions there are no corals next to it, which can make it even worse. Focus on the map location more.

    2. E

      There’s no longer any mushrooms or coral or anything near it, its by itself near a large rock

  2. B

    I found it near the huge rocks, and yes focus on the radar more than the picture. the peyote isnt beside a bunch of other stuff anymore. Its in a bare patch beside huge rocks.

  3. D

    The Peyote plants are NOT collectibles for PS3 and X360 players. It is only for newer gen systems and PC.

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