GTA Online Heists Release Date Revealed

Heists are a new mission type coming to GTA Online on March 10th. They are four player cooperative challenges, based on the Story mode heists.
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They’ll involve several phases of preparation, and the finale in which the heist itself gets pulled off. According to the devs, each player will have a specific role to play, be it team leader, pilot, demolitions expert, etc.

The heist leader’s job is to set up the plan room in one of his properties (has to own a large enough apartment or house), but also to invest money into the “project”. He’s the one Lester offers the jobs to, and the one who gets the team together for different phases of the mission, assigning roles and fees. All players need to be rank 12 or higher in order to participate, and everyone except the leader gets paid even for the preparatory phases.

The Heists update will contain five different scenarios, involving more than twenty missions altogether. Not all of them will be about stealing money – one is announced as a prison break. What they’ll have in common is the need for good communication, teamwork and planning, which makes them seem like they’re not fit for playing with random strangers. Knowing your team means much in situations like these,which is why people will probably rather play them with friends. Only time will tell, of course, and Rockstar could implement some kind of matchmaking to insure players of similar ranks get paired. All will be revealed come March 10th.

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