GTA Online Agency Locations & Prices in Contract DLC

The GTA Online Agency locations and prices in the Contract DLC are important aspects for you to consider in the new content. The price range is actually relatively wide, but then again, it depends on the desirability of the location, as it were. On top of that, there are “hidden costs” that you need to be aware of before making your decision. So, let’s dive in.

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gta online agency locations & prices in contract dlc
GTA Online Agency Locations & Prices in Contract DLC

GTA Online The Contract Agency Locations & Prices

The GTA Online Contract DLC Agency prices vary from their locations, from just under two million to almost three million. Those are just the base prices, though; there are also a plethora of different upgrades you can buy, which significantly increases the actual costs. More on that in a bit, let’s first list the Agency locations and prices.

  1. Little Seoul – On San Andreas Avenue in Little Seoul – $2,010,000
  2. Vespucci Canals – corner of San Andreas Avenue and Tongva Drive – $2,145,000
  3. Rockford Hills – in Backlot City – $2,415,000
  4. Hawick – Spanish Avenue in Vinewood – $2,830,000
gta online the contract agency locations & prices
Agency locations (click to enlarge)

So, those are the basics of the different Agencies. However, what about the upgrades? Well, they include accommodation ($275,000), an armory ($720,000), art ($340,000), highlights ($100,000), a vehicle workshop ($800,000) and wallpaper ($442,500). That’s a total of $2,677,500 extra if you want to fully deck your Agency out. So, when you’re considering the Contract DLC Agency locations and prices in GTA Online, make sure to include the costs of the upgrades.

While we’re on the subject, a word of friendly advice – do not sleep on the extras you can buy for your Agency. It’s not all just for decor, you see. For example, the Armory grants you access to two new weapons, the Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher. You can always just purchase the Agency of your desires and then go for the upgrades later, of course, but don’t overlook them. Also, if you want to know more about the new Contract content, check out our other guides, like How to Start Contract DLC and The Contract DLC New Cars.

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