GTA Online Battle Rifle New Weapon Location

In our GTA Online Battle Rifle New Weapon Location guide, we are going to show you where you can find the new gun, added in the Chop Shop update. It’s not a big deal; it’s not hiding behind a side quest or anything like that. You just need to go to a specific location and pick the rifle up. But where is this place? Let’s find out!

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gta online battle rifle new weapon location
GTA Online Battle Rifle New Weapon Location

Where to Find GTA Online New Battle Rifle Weapon

To find the new Battle Rifle weapon in GTA Online, you first have to download and install the latest update, Chop Shop. Once that’s over and done with, jump into the game. Next, make your way over to Mirror Park, to the exact location shown in the screenshots below. When you get there, you’ll see a Gun Van. Hop right inside, and boom, there’s the Battle Rifle. Be careful when you go there, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a whole bunch of other players trying to do the exact same thing. On top of that, there will be people who know a bunch of you will flock to the van, and they’ll grief you just for fun. Keep your eyes open is all I’m saying.

where to find gta online new battle rifle weapon
Gun Van location

And there you go, that’s where you find the new Battle Rifle weapon in GTA Online Chop Shop. This is only one of the things that is new in the update. Let us not forget, there’s a bunch of new cars that you can get, as we’ve covered in a separate guide. The biggest joy out of the whole bunch is that you can purchase several police vehicles. This includes the Unmarked Cruiser, the Stanier LE Cruiser, and the Police Riot Truck. All of them can be bought at the Warstock Cache and Carry, for a couple mil each. Another big addition is that they’ve added all sorts of wildlife all over the place, but not for old-gen consoles.

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