GTA Online Police Car Customization

With the recent Chop Shop update, several new vehicles have been added to GTA Online. This also includes three Cop Cars. These are: the Stanier LE Cruiser, the Unmarked Cruiser, and the Police Riot. But, as they are cop cars, this opens up a question that many GTAO players are asking – is it possible to modify these? After all, as they are police vehicles, it wouldn’t be out of the question that you can’t change anything about them. So to answer that question, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about GTA Online Police Car Customization.

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GTA Online Police Car Customization
GTA Online Police Car Customization

Can You Customize Police Car in GTA Online

The short answer is – yes, this is indeed an option. You can modify them, though only on properties that you personally own. So, once you have purchased one police car (or several of them), the next step is to then enter this car. After that, drive to your property where you can modify it. After driving there, you will be given several options on what you want to customize on the car – including the option to fix it up first if it has been damaged.

Again, this applies to all three cop cars that are currently in the game – the Stanier LE Cruiser, the Unmarked Cruiser, and the Police Riot. Of course, you can likewise customize all the other vehicles that have been added in the Chop Shop update. If you want to know which these are, we have the full list of all of the new vehicles in the GTA Online Chop Shop update. We also have the location of the new weapon – the Battle Rifle and how to get it. We are adding new guides for GTAO all the time, so we recommend that you scroll through our GTA Online archives if you have any other questions or issues with the game.

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