GTA Online Gang Convoy Locations, The Last Dose DLC

GTA Online The Last Dose update, the final part of the Drug Wars DLC, is here! Among many other features, it also brings five brand new missions to conclude the story of the Drug Wars DLC. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the Gang Convoy random event. This guide explains how to start the GTA Online Gang Convoy event and where to find all starting locations.

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GTA Online Gang Convoy Locations, The Last Dose DLC
GTA Online Gang Convoy Event

How to Start GTA Online Gang Convoy Event

At the moment, as we are waiting for the Drug Wars’ final chapter, The Last Dose, to drop, we don’t yet know the exact details regarding this random event. As with most random events in GTA Online, there’s always an element of chance, and hence, you’ll need a little bit of luck to trigger the event. However, what we do know are all the possible starting locations for the event, as well as drop-off locations. So, without further ado, here are all possible starting locations for the GTA Online Gang Convoy event:

  • Vetir (Bunker) – Possible Start Point
  • Landstalker XL (Weed Farm) – Possible Start Point
  • Gang Burrito [Lost MC] (Meth Lab) – Possible Start Point
  • Caracara 4×4 (Cocaine Lockup) – Possible Start Point
  • Dubsta (Counterfeit Cash Factory) – Possible Start Point
  • Patriot (Document Forgery Office) – Possible Start Point
  • Paradise (The Freakshop) – Possible Start Point
  • Drop-off location #1
  • Ammu-Nation – Backup Drop-off Location In case of supplies for the Bunker.

As you can probably recognize, these are all locations related to Los Santos’ illicit drug trade schemes from the Drug Wars DLC. If you want to know the exact locations, check out the maps below, courtesy of GTALens. For now, this is all the information we know about the GTA Online Gang Convoy event. However, we will make sure to update the article once we know more details.

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