GTA Online Industrial Plant Bug Fix

The Industrial Plant in GTA Online is the first Survival job in the game. You can find this location at the Stoner Cement Works in Harmony, and it serves as a tutorial for all future Survival jobs. However, players have recently been getting a nasty GTA Online Industrial Plant glitch that prevents them from finishing this job. Of course, this is very irritating and players have tried many things in order to fix this bug, to no avail. Luckily, there is indeed a way to fix the Industrial Plant Bug in GTA Online, and we are going to explain what you need to do to resolve this pesky glitch. After that, you will be able to go to the Industrial Plant and complete the Survival there.

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GTA Online Industrial Plant Bug Fix

How to Fix Go to Industrial Plant GTA Online Glitch

The issue here is that when players try to go to the Industrial Plant in GTA Online to do the Survival job there, the game will then put up the mission loading screen for a long time, and after that – it will fail to actually start the Survival job itself. Players have tried all sorts of workarounds to get this to work. So far, this GTA Online tutorial bug seems to be affecting PC and Xbox One players. This bug started with the latest update to the game. As such, it will almost certainly get hotfixed very soon, since the developers have been made aware of this problem in the meantime.

Of course, if you do not want to wait for a hotfix, there is a relatively simple way to fix this bug. So, to resolve this bug, access this Mission in “Solo Mission”. Doing it like this will successfully begin the Mission. Then, even if you fail it, the game should work normally again. If this hasn’t helped you and you have figured out another way to fix this bug, then please share your method down in the comments.

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