GTA Online Not Working on PC After Update

GTA Online is an ever-evolving game that’s constantly changing. A lot of content is being added to the game all the time, which keeps the game feeling fresh and exciting to play. The latest of these is the Criminal Enterprises update that was recently released. And while many players have already had a lot of fun trying out all the new stuff from this update, some haven’t been able to get GTA Online to run. This is relegated to the PC. Specifically – on Steam. If GTA Online is not working on your PC after the update, we’re here to help you with this and explain how to resolve this GTA Online PC bug.

GTA Online Not Working on PC After Update

GTA Online Not Working on PC After Criminal Enterprises Update

Currently, this issue seems to be affecting only PC players that play GTA V on Steam. Epic Games is not affected and seems to be working fine. Same as with consoles. The problem appears to be due to Rockstar not including the new DLC on Steam’s GTAO update. Because of this, GTA Online is not working. So is there anything that you can do on your end to resolve this? Luckily, yes, there is. What you need to do here is to quit and then restart your Steam app. This will cause Steam to download the rest of the update that was missing. Once it has finished downloading, start the game again. This time, it should work properly.

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This problem was caused by an unfortunate oversight. But, luckily for all of us, Steam and Rockstar managed to resolve it very quickly. So simply restart Steam, update the game, and you should be good to go. Stay tuned for more, as we are going to be covering all the outstanding questions and issues for this update, such as listing out all the cars and other vehicles that have been added to GTAO with the Criminal Enterprises update.

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