GTA Online Criminal Enterprises New Cars & Vehicles

The list of GTA Online Criminal Enterprises new cars and vehicles has already been revealed, albeit not quite officially. It includes cars of several different types, including a fancy-looking limousine, what seems to be a new GTA 5 Camaro facsimile, and more. Oh, and a new helicopter, too. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the new cars in the latest GTA 5 summer update.

gta online criminal enterprises new cars & vehicles
GTA Online Criminal Enterprises New Cars & Vehicles

All New Cars & Vehicles in GTA Criminal Enterprises Update

There are currently six new cars and vehicles confirmed in the GTA 5 Online Criminal Enterprises summer update, but that doesn’t mean that’s all of them. We’ll be sure to update the guide if and when we discover more. Perhaps there are some hidden vehicles that need to be unlocked by completing missions, or something like that. If you’ve found any cars or other transports that we haven’t listed, let us know in the comments below. With that said, here are the confirmed vehicles, how much they cost, and where you can buy them.

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  • Lampadati Corsita (pictured above) – Free for GTA+ subscribers, $1,795,000 at Legendary Motorsports
  • Pegassi Torero XO – $2,890,000, purchased at Legendary Motorsports
  • Benefactor LM87 – $2,915,000, purchased at Legendary Motorsports
  • Obey Omnis E-GT – $1,795,000, purchased at Legendary Motorsports
  • Bravado Greenwood – $1,098,750 – $1,465,000, purchased at Southern San Andreas
  • Conada Helicopter – $1,837,500 – $2,450,000, purchased at Elitas Travel

So, yeah, those are all the new vehicles and cars we’ve seen in the GTA 5 Online Criminal Enterprises summer update so far. Again, there might be more, and if there are, we’ll all probably have to work for them. And, yes, one of them is indeed free if you’ve already become a GTA+ subscriber. The Corsita seems like a really cool car to boot. Rockstar is really doing their best to entice you to become a member. Whether or not it’s worth it depends entirely on you. Granted, it’s just six bucks, but it’s yet another thing you have to pay for. It’s getting annoying.

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